Clay Aiken – Good Will and Cheer


by Charlie Chaplin

Light up your face with gladness,
Hide every trace of sadness.
Although a tear may be ever so near
That’s the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what’s the use of crying.
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile-
If you just smile.


Last Friday was World Smile Day

Harvey Ball, a commercial artist, was the man that created the smiley face in 1963. It is now the most recognized symbol of good will and cheer on the planet.

Ball chose the first Friday in October to celebrate World Smile Day. The first World Smile Day was held in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1999. According to Ball,

“the smiley face knows no politics, no geography and no religion . . . for at least one day each year, neither should we.”

World Smile Day’s slogan “Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile!” is one of the best sayings anyone could chose to live by.

If you’re looking for a reason to perform an act of kindness with a smile on your face, today is the perfect day to get your Smile On!


Dance like no one is watching…that’s sure to bring a smile to your face…


 Walk around and extend a smile to people you meet. It can be done at home, at work, in a store or restaurant, at your place of worship or even on the sidewalk.

If you need help with this, pretend that you are a celebrity. Imagine that people are looking at you to see if you are friendly or not.

Extend a warm smile to your fans!

Clay Aiken has one of the best smiles!! Check out these pictures.










Which one of these pictures is your Favorite?

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Good Will and Cheer

  1. E. All the above!! How could you posibly chose just one? Everyone looks their best when they smile!!! So let's make everyday smile day!!! Thanks for all the great photos.

  2. ALL of them! Clay's smile lights up my world! The photos are great and so are you musicfan for sharing them with us!

  3. allof them clay has the most incredable smile in the unaverse and ilove it when clay smiles thanks for sharing them music fan

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