Clay Aiken – Happy February

Happy February

It’s the month of

Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, The Super Bowl, Groundhog Day


Black History Month


Do you remember what you were doing in February, 2008?  I have to think hard to remember all that I was doing then, but for some reason, I don’t have any trouble remembering what Clay Aiken was doing that February.

Clay was starring on Broadway in Spamalot.  I would imagine that Clay remembers too!

According to, Spamalot  played a total of 35 previews and 1,574 regular performances.  The show grossed over $175,000,000 and was seen by more than two million people. The musical recouped its entire investment in under six months.

One of the things I enjoyed about Spamalot was that almost all of the main stars played more than one role during the play.  It was interesting to see the actors change personalities so quickly during the performance.

Clay played the role of Sir Robin, a Knight of the Roundtable.  Ironically called “Sir Robin the Brave,”  he couldn’t be more cowardly.  He joined the Knights for the singing and dancing.

Clay had a few other roles to play:

1st Sentry – a smart man whose post was in a tower.

Brother Maynard – a long winded monk.

Swamp Castle Guard – a rather slow fellow who seemed to have trouble understanding what he was supposed to do!

The following pictures show the characters that Clay played in Spamalot.

1st Sentry

Robin – Before he became a Knight

Sir Robin

Brother Maynard

Swamp Castle Guard


 Which Character was your favorite?

What moment in the show made you laugh the most?


Just a quick note!
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 The site is a busy insider news source for TV and Movies.
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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Happy February

  1. Brother Maynard and the Swamp Castle Guard were my two hilarious moments! Spamalot blew me away with its silly antics and the great actors in the show! I'm hoping for Clay to do another Broadway show.
    Thanks for the Clay memories!

  2. I was never able to go see Spamalot live, but I've seen the whole performance many times through Clack! He was amazing! If he heads out to Broadway again one day, I will be sure to get there!!

    Thanks for everything you do musicfan!! xoxox

  3. Clay as the singing/dancing/piano playing Sir Robin was the best. I just watched the PBS American Masters Series about Mike Nichols. What an eye opener! Mr. Nichols had such high praise for Clay's talent when he performed in Spamalot. I wonder if Clay knew how much Mr. Nichols words mean to others in show business and what a genius he was finding talent before others even recognized it.

  4. I can't believe that was in 2008!!! He did a wonderful job! I don't know which part I liked best. Beside his singing, I liked the drunken guard scene. I have to laugh because some people didn't think he could pull this off. Well, I guess he showed them! I'd love to see him back on Broadway again.

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