Clay Aiken – Added To The Program

The name, Clay Aiken was added to the line-up for the Second Politicon.

Politicon is advertised as “THE UNCONVENTIONAL POLITICAL CONVENTION”   It will be held June 25 & 26, 2016 at the Pasadena Convention Center.

According to the Politicon Website, there will be :

… a full weekend of panels, debates, TV and movie screenings, art, podcasts, comedy shows, Q&A’s, book readings, interviews, meet & greets, art exhibitions, and music performances…

Politicon expects to present the “biggest names in politics and the wittiest voices in comedy and entertainment…”

The site publishes a detailed biography of each person in the line-up.  Clay’s bio is excellent.  I particularly like the last part:

And, his 2014 campaign for Congress from his home in North Carolina, while electorally unsuccessful, served to bring attention to not only policy issues important to him, like education and veteran’s affairs, but ultimately shone a national spotlight on deleterious effects of money in the American political system, and the indifference that many elected officials have towards the needs of the outsiders and underdogs that are forgotten by a less-than-fair political system.

While his voice may be most well-known to Americans for his singing, Clay has made an effort to use it to impact positive change, as well. It’s no wonder that the Washington Post called Clay a man with “an epic voice.”

Clay was very active in the first Politicon last year in Los Angeles.  He was on many panels and even helped judging some talented college students.

Be sure and visit the website for Politicon.  They are adding more and more people to their line-up all the time.  They also have information about tickets to the event.  Click on POLITICON

The following are some pictures from last year.

Don’t you think this would be an exciting convention to attend?
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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Added To The Program

  1. I'm not surprised that they invited Clay back! He is very vocal about the issues and personable! I love The Washington Post quote: "The man with an Epic Voice! Thanks for the pictures of OMC!

  2. Sign me up! If I lived in the area, I'd be there. I'll have to be satisfied with following the events with CANN and elsewhere on line. Hurray for Clay to be so well received by the folks who put Politicon on and by all the news networks who appreciate his input.

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