Clay Aiken – Hello?

Welcome to a New Week!

I look forward to hearing from Clay Aiken this week!

The following video is lots of fun!

 This one does not have any singing, but  it will make you laugh and laugh some more!

I hope you enjoy it!!

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Hello?

  1. Clay's conversation with the ladies on the phone is hysterical! First, trying to get them to calm down and then carrying on with them about listening to the show! Love how Clay is so in tune with the audience!

  2. That was so much damn fun! So crazy to see all those flip phones!! He's also amazed that we recorded clack to our video tapes …no DVD's back then eh? How many of us still HAVE our tapes??? LOL!!

  3. clays conversation with the ladys onthe phone is amazingley hystericial first to try and selle them down and to calm them down then carry on with the girls and thedre phones about the concerts and listing to the concerts ilove it when clay gets so in tune with the conc ert fans

  4. I received one of those phone calls from Chicago. I didn't pay the incredible amount of money to see that particular show, as I had no one to go with from Ohio, and I thin it was $500 or something close. Have seen him 42 times. He shut off on me and had my friend call me back, while he sang Who's Sorry Now?? He thought I was upset. I wasn't. I watched the tape later, and he made his funny faces at the phone all through it. I told him he KNEW who I was and it dawned on him. Fun times.

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