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On Thursday, August, 11th, Clay Aiken sent the following tweet:

My weekly chat with my friend tonight at 7:15 on – find it!

Clay posted a few hours before he was on-air so many people were able to hear him “live”

Of course,  the conversation was about politics.  With Clay being a Democrat and Meghan, a Republican, the conversation is interesting. I always enjoy it when they both listen to each other and respect each other enough not to get angry!!

This week, Clay called into the host to chat. They talked about:

  1.  Tim Kaine, VP for Clinton.  Clay says he is somewhat like Biden.
  2. Clay says that Julian Assange with his cyber attacks, is tampering with election and if he has something, he should post it now, not in two months.
  3. Meghan remarked that Donald Trump had had a very bad week-Will he be able to turn it around?
  4. Meghan thanked Clay for calling in and chatting while not feeling well.

Of course, there was more to their conversation, but those are the highlights that I remember.

If you missed hearing the conversation, it is right here.  Clay’s part of the show is about an hour into the show.

Since Clay was on the phone, there is no new picture of him on the show.

But…will this due??

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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – On The Radio

  1. I'm sorry Clay wasn't feeling well, but he is a trooper, wanting his voice to be heard! We have known that from the past! Thank you, CANN for posting!

  2. im also sorry to hear clay wasent feeling well but he sure is a trooper and indeed wanting his voice to be herd clay fans have known that from the past

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