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I am in Charlotte, North Carolina. I arrived on Thursday at about 9:00AM. Red-eye flights can be great, but they sure get in the way of sleep!!  But it is certainly is worth a bit of lost sleep to see all the wonderful fans as they arrive at the hotel.  What an exciting time.  The National Inclusion Project Champions Gala is about to begin.

As you can imagine, posts here on CANN will be off schedule a bit but  I will try to keep everyone updated.

On Friday morning, Clay will be on BOLD.  He will be talking about The National Inclusion Project.  The following tweet was posted:

Tune in tomorrow at 8:30ET on our Facebook page for BoldTV’s new episode! We cover @includingkids, finance, the election and more

I do not know whether he will be there in person or by remote.  I hope you will watch.


I look forward to sharing more of the excitement with you .  I just know the Gala will be amazing!



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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Charlotte, NC

  1. Damn! I wish I was there. I’m afraid of traveling by myself. In a car I can get lost very easily & in an airport it’s just as bad. I have to use a cane due to bad knees & I’m pretty slow & have to stop frequently. So the music & interview videos , & videos from concerts are important to me. In younger days I went to 3 concerts. ❤️ Unconditional love to Clay.

  2. Pray for the Gala to be a great success! Clay fans are the best in supporting their Idol and Diane Bubel for NIP.

  3. Thanks for posting the link to Bold. I was able to watch it in the p.m. since I was not home in the a.m. today. Clay is so clear on what NIP is and how it helps children/families with special needs. Hope you are having a blast in Charlotte.

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