Clay Aiken – Christmas in Chandler


No time for “pretties” tonight.  It is very late and I want to at least post a bit for you.

  • The concert beautiful.  Clay’s voice was amazing.
  • The audience was full of people from Chandler and they all seemed to love the concert!
  • Clay sang songs from his Christmas album and some new songs that he felt would become classics.  Each one was beautiful.
  • The orchestra was so good. They added so much to the show.
  • Clay did chat with the audience and shared some fun stories.  Everyone laughed and enjoyed his chatter.
  • Clay received 3 well-deserved standing ovations.
  • It was almost a sold-out show.  There were a few empty seats, but not many!
  • Clay recorded a Facebook video during the concert.  Check it out…it is great. CLAYSFACEBOOK

Nice picture from the local TV station:


Clay Aiken waiting in the “not so green” green room at ABC15 Arizona to talk with Justin Pazera about his one and ONLY #Christmas show at Chandler Center for the Arts tonight.

The following are a few pictures from the phone of my friend Gay Marie.  They are a bit dark, but I can lighten them up when I get home.





I will post more after I clean them up at home.

The Chandler Center for the Arts posted some videos of the show.  You can see them on their FACEBOOK page.

Sorry this is so short.  I look forward to adding more to the review tomorrow.

Thank you Clay, for the beautiful gift of music!  The entire concert was a real present, given with love!!



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  1. My thoughts and heart were with you all at the concert! Thank you CANN for posting the pictures and some of the videos! Seems everyone had a great time at Chandler! Everyone have a safe trip home!

  2. Me too, with you. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know how it went, you must be beat… So glad it was a success!! And Chandler posted vids?? Woo-hoo, super!!

  3. Even though I'm very happy for all of you who were lucky to attend the concert. I am soooo jealous!!!!!!! I'm pleased there are videos. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  4. Thank you for the videos and pictures! He looked gorgeous and sounded sublime! Did he ask about me? Haha!

  5. What a great time! Clay was spot on! Not a bad seat in the house. So happy that I was able to be there. It was a last minute present for me and my daughter enjoyed it too! Thanks, Clay.

  6. Thank you Musicfan for taking the time to post everything….I was certainly there in spirit. Wonderful to hear every tidbit you can offer….He hasn't done this in 4 years, but obviously he hasn't lost his touch!!!!! I didn't expect any "clack", but how wonderful that we got it as it was happening…Amazing!!!!!!!! Just like old times…I will cherish all of this forever!!!!

  7. music fan thanks for poasting everything im glad everyone had a good time and im glad for the pics and vids he hasent done a christmas concert in 4 years wow and im glad did such amazing job i can tell clay hasent lost his touch

  8. I have been waiting impatiently for word on the concert in Arizona. I have prayed and prayed that the concert went well. All fans are not the super loyal of CANN. I’m going to view the Facebook post and then hope for the best later. Thank you music fan for what you are doing for us. I cried and cried that I was not there to know what was going on first hand. Hope there are wonderful photos and videos to come. Does Clay know about CANN? I hope so but he has other interests these days. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love to you Clay.

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