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Did you watch BOLD on Friday?  I found it to be very interesting.  I learned a lot about the current relationship between Russia and the United States.  Carrie Sheffield showed her knowledge of Russia and Clay Aiken posed many questions about the subject.


Maria Snegovaya was impressive as she talked about her home country of Russia.  She was adamant that it was important that the United States watch Putin carefully as he tries to influence the Russian people.

Author, Lisa Dickey, was interesting as she talked about her 3 trips across Russia in 20 years.  I look forward to reading her book, Bears In The Streets : Three Journeys Across a Changing Russia.

If you didn’t have a chance to watch, I highly recommend that you take a moment and listen.  Clay said that he learned a lot and I certainly did too.


You can see the entire show HERE   Just scroll past the article.


On Friday, Clay posted a great article and picture on Facebook.  Did you see it?

Good news. Our man, Jerome, has had his last surgery for now. He’s sitting on his own and is FINALLY (🙌🏻) out of the hospital and in a rehab facility!!! #praises The road ahead is still very long! To those who have been able to lend a hand already… Jerome and his family thank you so much. Lots of healing and life changes ahead. If you’re inclined and moved to help him as he continues his fight… #jeromebell  #healing#caring #rehab #lendahand #helpothers


I am sure we are all wishing Jerome the very best.  It is so nice to hear that surgeries are over for now and see Jerome sitting up is a huge step!  I hope you all will help Jerome if you can!!

Jerome….I look forward to seeing you soon and hope you will feel good enough to attend the Gala this year!



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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – News…Our Community To The World!

  1. Watched BOLD and learned about our relations with Russia! Very touchy subject. Clay and Carrie started off the show with a bit of bickering on a different subject matter but hopefully settled the matter!
    Got home from work and to my amazement saw a picture of Jerome sitting on his bed! The biggest smile was on my face! Much admiration for Jerome! Will make another donation!

  2. So glad to get an update about Jerome! Think of him often.

    I thought yesterday's BOLD was one of the best!! I'm going to order "Bears in the Streets" for my Kindle. Expect I will have it read quickly as we are having more snow and another blizzard on Monday!!! Nothing better than having a good book to read during winter storms!!

    • On Monday, November 21:
      While working an event in Atlanta, Jerome was struck by a malfunctioning forklift. The injuries that resulted have been devastating. In addition to shattered pelvis and multiple breaks in his right leg, doctors were forced to amputate his left leg from mid-thigh. He also sustained traumatic injuries to internal organs.

      Clay has set up an account where those who can, are donating to help with all the expenses for Jerome and his family. The link is in today's CANN article.

      • Why wouldn't the forklift's owner's insurance pay for Jerome's medical bills??? Can't believe he has not sued, if they refused. Wishing him a continued recovery. Very nice guy, and I feel terrible for him.

  3. The Bold show Friday was very informative. I need to watch it again to set things in mind. The programs just keep getting better all the time. It was good to hear that Jerome has improved so much. Rehab will take a long time. I pray that he will do well. Looking forward to the next post and to the next Bold. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay.

  4. glad to hear that bolde was informative and im glad clay leared alot im so glad that jerome has improved so much but rehab for jerome will take along time i pray to god that jerome will do well also

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