Clay Aiken – Two Great Television Shows!

Did you have a chance to see Clay on BOLD TV on Friday morning?  The show was excellent and very informative.

The first guest on the show was Asha Castleberry, a Professor of Political Science at Fordham University.  She was very knowledgable and talked about all the important political things that have been happening in the last week.

If you missed the show, you can still see it at the BoldTV Facebook page.


Back in 2003, Clay Aiken was very busy on May 26th. He and Ruben visited the Today Show. Katie Couric was the anchor back then and she presented the two American Idols to the Today Show audience. Both Clay and Ruben had been running from different TV shows, to radio interviews, to business meetings about their careers. They were obviously tired, but happy.

It was a Monday and it was Memorial Day……and it was raining hard! Katie interviewed Ruben alone and then Clay alone. Katie admitted that her younger daughter was an original Claymate. Katie took as much time with Clay as she did with Ruben.

In the next segment, they all went outside with umbrellas and got under tents. Katie asked both Ruben and Clay some more questions and then Clay and Ruben performed “I’m Proud To Be An American.”

I am so glad that this is on You Tube….It’s almost been 14 years!!!

When was the last time you saw this video?

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Two Great Television Shows!

  1. First of all, BOLD was great! I must admit, that I was a little frightening by all the bombings. Watching the show, made me feel a little less scared. Second , thank you for the Claymemories, I watched that video not too long ago, however I enjoyed seeing it again!

  2. The last time I saw that video was back in 2003, but I remember it well. 2003 was such a busy busy year for Clay. He didn’t lose out on anything by being 2nd. He will always be first in my eyes.

    Bold was wonderful Friday. Not too many guests so Clay and Carry could express and interact. And Clay was looking PRIMO. His hair was a little lighter which was good. The glasses were gone which I always thought made him look older. Just looked young and handsome. He must have been well rested from his vacation to be so lighthearted and happy. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay.

  3. Yesterday was the first day I actually got to watch Bold in real time! I usually have to watch it in the evening after work. I always enjoy listening to Clay, whether he's singing or talking. We all know what that voice does to us, and he's so intelligent he's interesting to listen to on the show and keeps the conversation lively. It's been a while since I watched this video and brought back such great memories!

  4. I don't think I saw that whole video before. Was fun to watch it now and see how far Clay has come since 2003. Had a class on Fri morning so had to watch Bold later in the day. I liked when one of the guests said she wanted to come back on Bold and sing with Clay. I too like Clay's lighter hair color.

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