Clay Aiken – Let’s Celebrate!

Today is Cinco de Mayo…And…it is Friday!

 That means it’s a BOLD DAY!!

Join Carrie Sheffield and Clay Aiken as they co-host a morning of exciting talk!!

Topics for the week are Ivanka Trump, the health care bill, the budget and much more!

So…grab your coffee and tune into Bold TVFacebook Live – 10am ET/7am PDT

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Each year this Mexican holiday seems to grow bigger and bigger. Here are some facts you may find interesting about Cinco de Mayo.

  •  While Cinco de Mayo is technically a Mexican holiday, it is actually more widely celebrated in the US. In the states, more than 150 celebrations take place across the country
  • Chandler, Arizona even celebrates the day. There are Chihuahua races and even crowning two of the dogs king and queen.
  • Americans consume up to 81 million avocados on Cinco de Mayo , according to the California Avocado Commission.
  • There are 367  tortilla manufacturing establishments in the USA, according to the United States Census.

Is Clay celebrating Cinco de Mayo? He has made it clear that he is not a big fan of Guacamole or avocados, complaining that too much food in California is smothered in the “green stuff.”  However, we have pictures of Clay shopping for food at Baja Fresh.  Maybe he actually likes a taco or two and maybe he likes to munch on a plateful of Nachos.  It might be Fiesta Time at the Aiken Home!!

Whatever Clay chooses to do for Cinco de Mayo, I hope he has a good day, filled with fun and accomplishment!

Have a great day, and why not toast to Clay with a delicious Margarita !


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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Let’s Celebrate!

  1. I happen to love guacamole "the green stuff" all year long. Looking forward to BOLD; it has been an interesting week in the political world and I'm sure Clay and Carrie will go back and forth on the issues!

  2. It’s 7:00 here in St Louis,Mo. Waiting for today’s BOLD. Haven’t been to sleep yet so I might as well wait for a live viewing. Probably will do some recorded views as well. Happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone. I’ll do that toast later today. Have a good weekend. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay.

  3. I've about to watch Bold this afternoon since I was at a class this morning. Loved those photos of Clay, but where did he get those pants?!

  4. Happy Fiesta Day!

    I watched Bold and enjoyed it. I also had to laugh at the pants Clay was wearing. Glad that isn’t the style now

  5. happy cincio de mayo to the mexacans and everyone else and hehe about the pants that clay had on love you lots clay i dint get a chance ta watch bold

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