Clay Aiken – An Amazing Week-End!

The beautiful city of Charlotte

This is just a quick Hello from CANN…Sunday was a day of traveling, mixed with  bit of frustration!  One flight cancelled and a too long wait in the airport.

BUT…will I do it again?   You bet…The National Inclusion Project Friendship Championship Gala was amazing!!  There was not a moment that was not filled with fun, friendship and appreciation!

I have so much to say, but it is after midnight so I am sorry that it will have to be postponed until tomorrow.  The following are a few pictures from the event.

Honoree – Sparsh Shah and Clay Aiken

Nick Leisey and Clay Aiken – at the Pre-party at Fitzgerald’s Irish Pub

Clay Aiken greets Lucia who came to the Gala all the way from Brazil!

Everyone was so glad to see Jerome at week-end activities. He looked fabulous and still has his great sense of humor!!

All for now…..More tomorrow!!

May I suggest that all of you start saving now for next years National Inclusion Project – Championship Gala!  It will be the 15th anniversary and you won’t want to miss it!!  I think there will be loads of surprises and I know you will enjoy the amazing event!

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – An Amazing Week-End!

  1. It was an amazing weekend indeed for all of the above reasons and so many more – including getting to visit with you and you sharing your friendliness with my granddaughters and myself. Everyone really made it all about friendship and it was such warm and loving weekend. The whole experience was a blessing!

    In the 2nd photo above – my white hair “almost” matches Clays!!!! 🙂

    Jerome looked fantastic!

  2. Glad you all had a great time! Lucia came all the way from Brazil! Now that is a BIG fan! Some day I'll get there!

  3. Thanks Musicfan….. Definitely will be there next year!!!!!! I'm so sorry to miss this year, but sometimes life gets in the way. lol

  4. Although, I was not able to come, I dearly appreciated all the photos of the activities and pictures of attendants, Clay and Jerome! I did cherish the video of Clay performing my choice "Ashes" His voice blew my away!

  5. It was an amazing and inspiring weekend oh also tiring too! It was great seeing Jerome and his family with him doing so well. The brunch speaker was really amazing with her story. And Nick, the greatExecutive Director that he is pitched in to get a needed scooter to it's owner and expedite another in her rolling seat to her room. He's the best. And of course Clay was also his usual amazing self.

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