Clay Aiken – What’s Your Favorite TV Theme Song?

TV Theme Songs!

 When I hear a fun TV Theme song, I always think of the summer of 2007!

That’s Because – That was the Clay Aiken Summer Symphony Tour-

– known as Soft Rock in A Hard Place

The TV Theme Song section of the concert was always lots of fun.  Clay always had a story to tell the audience about the songs and then he and his back-up singers would sing some of the best TV songs ever.

But… the entire section always started with a great orchestral performance of the theme from the West Wing!

Today, I have posted two videos of The TV Theme section of the concert.

 I hope you enjoy them!

Do you have a favorite TV Theme Song?

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – What’s Your Favorite TV Theme Song?

  1. TV theme songs was so much fun! The audience can sing along and enjoy Clay's banter and dancing! A bright way to start off Monday! Thank you, CANN!

  2. I wrote this for clay your soul is like diamond shining bright the depth I can see when darkness comes your soul shines bright so all the world to see you will always be a shining star for all the world to see shine on clay shine on

  3. These were the most fun times in Clay’s concerts – when there’s banter and dancing. What could be better than seeing Clay and the girls enjoying their performance so much. Yes I love his singing very much too. He is a real star. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay. God bless America.

  4. I still can hum along the TV theme songs I used to listen in childhood. The music has intense satisfaction in it. It just made me think about those times.

    thanks for sharing @musicfan123

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