Clay Aiken Attends The IAVA Heroes Gala!

On Thursday night, Clay Aiken attended the IAVA Heroes Gala.  The important event was held at the beautiful Cipriani Restaurant in New York City.

Clay was with his good friend, Meghan McCain and from pictures of the event, they seemed to have a wonderful time.  Clay posted the following picture and message on Twitter:

Some folks flip out over folks like Beyonce, @MeghanMcCain and I are geeking out over Gen Petraeus at #IAVAHeroesGala

I have to admit, I needed to look up IAVA.  I was not quite sure I knew enough about the organization.  On their website, they say:

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) is the leading non-profit that connects, empowers and unites Post-9/11 veterans.

The Gala was certainly held on the right day, just 2 days before Veterans Day.

There was a lot of social media about the event.  It was fun to see that Clay was front and center as he ate dinner.

Yes…that is Clay having dinner right in the front. I wonder what was served at dinner!!

Meghan gave a speech at the Gala and Clay took a picture and put it on twitter with a short message:

Clay Aiken: .@MeghanMcCain is killin it at #iavaheroesgala tonight.

Clay seemed to listen to Stephen Colbert carefully as he spoke at the Gala!

Clay and Meghan walked the red carpet together at the event!

Clay posted the following message on Twitter:

Being moved and inspired tonight at in to honor some of America’s finest. Our veterans

The IAVA sent back a message to Clay:

Thank you for joining us @clayaiken— hopefully we can show you how veterans party tonight! 1f60a.png

It seems like it was a wonderful Gala.  I hope the organization raised lots of money!

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Attends The IAVA Heroes Gala!

  1. I have no doubts that Clay and Megan M. were very proud to be attending this event and
    enjoyed the night. This is a big deal for both of them and it was nice they went together.
    Hope it was a big success for the veterans!

  2. Love all the pictures from the IAVA Heroes Gala! What an eventful night! It is my first time knowing of this organization, too! Clay and Meghan make a beautiful couple!
    Looking forward to BOLD this morning! Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I hadn't heard of the IAVA before this post. Thanks for keeping us informed. Meghan mentioned on The View that she is recently engaged. Wonder if Clay will be at the wedding. They seem to be best of friends even though they are poles apart politically.

  4. I also hadent herd of iava heros gala before this poast eather thanks so much for keeping us all informed I wonder if clay will be attending the wedding or at the wedding this iava heros for the vets was a big night for both clay and Meghan I also hope it was a huge scusess for all the vetrans

  5. It was lovely that Meghan mentioned IAVA the next day on The View…and that Clay attended the event with her.

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