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It is always fun to hear up-to-date news about Clay Aiken.  Fortunately, on Wednesday, Clay was in the news.

Clay started the day by posting a picture of himself with former VP, Joe Biden.

#lifecomplete – at ABC Television Studios

Clay has said often that he is a big fan of Joe Biden so I am glad that he had the opportunity to chat with him.

The picture info tells us that Clay met Joe at the ABC Television Studios.  I would assume that Clay was there to support his good friend, Meghan McCain who is a panelist on The View.

I did watch The View and was very touched by the beautiful conversation between Joe Biden and Meghan McCain.  Joe’s son, Beau, lost his life to the same type of cancer that Meghan’s dad has.  Yes, there were tears, but because of Joe, there was also hope.  Many people tweeted about the conversation and Clay retweeted some of them too.

Meghan posted the following picture and message:

There are no words I have to convey my immense gratitude to @JoeBiden and his family – your strength, hope and fortitude are an inspiration to me and so many others daily. Thank you for your kindness today and sharing your story with us @TheView

I am glad that Clay was able to meet and chat with Joe Biden and be there for his good friend, Meghan.

Meghan finally posted another picture of herself with Clay and Joe.

meghanmccain: One more from today with the amazing and inspirational Joe Biden and my ride or die @clayaiken 🇺🇸

Just a note:  check out the meaning of “my ride or die“.      I’m glad Clay has such a good friend!

The following are a few fun Christmas pictures of Clay!!

It’s fun to see pictures from 12 years ago and up-to-date pictures too!

Have a great Thursday!

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Supporting Friends

  1. The View, was an exceptional show yesterday with the heart-felt conversation between VP Joe Biden and Meghan McCain! My eyes were filled with tears! Dearly love the picture of "Our Idol meeting his Idol", The picture of Meghan, VP Joe Biden and Clay was very personable.
    Everyone have an eventful Thursday!

  2. I did watch The View yesterday (as I usually do). I was touched by Joe Biden's tenderness toward Meghan McCain. Now to see that Clay got to see one of his hero's (Joe) is a big plus. I thought of Clay when I saw the bomber in the tunnel. Clay is always complaining about the subway system breaking down, etc. So happy that there were no casualties.

  3. I'm also glad that clay had the chance to meet and chat with fomer vice presadint joe biden I see that clay is a fan of the fomer vice presadint joe biden I'm also a fan of joe biden and I'm glad that clay was there to be ther with Meghan

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