Clay Aiken – Star Of The Entire Show!

In the month of April, 2012, Clay Aiken showed off his skills as a puppeteer on the 9th episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Clay Aiken was so good at it that he was the star of the entire show!

The task for the week was fun.  The teams had to design two original puppets and then perform in front of a live, adult audience.  They worked with Henson’s Alternative’s Improvisational Troupe called “Stuffed and Unstrung”.

The evening was filled with the typical Celebrity Apprentice back-stabbing, insults, shouting, and tears.  However, Clay out-shone all the others as he proved that his improvisational skills were amazingly good and his ability to use different voices was outstanding. It was not a surprise when Team –Forte was declared the winner of the 9th episode.

The final results of Celebrity Apprentice were so disappointing and difficult to understand.  For that reason, I am only just now beginning to appreciate all the wonderful things that we saw because Clay was on the show.  Certainly, the Puppet Episode is one of the best!

This video is really fun!!

Do you remember seeing this show?

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Star Of The Entire Show!

  1. Wasn't Clay wonderful? He does such great voices and is quick-witted! I remember all the great reviews he received by the critics! Thank you, CANN for the pictures and video! Great way to start my day with Clay!

  2. It was so much fun to watch this video from 2012. I was able to listen to Clay do the accents this time instead of just watching the puppets. He really was good and I can see why Stuffed and Unstrung had him do other shows with them.

  3. He should have won. Trump had a reason he didn't. He probably realized Clay was so much smarter than him, so he wouldn't let him win.–All political.

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