Clay Aiken – Time to Buy Tickets!!

Today is June 19th

 Platinum and Gold Level registration begins today – June 19th @ 12noon ET

for the 15th Anniversary Celebration of the National Inclusion Project Gala!

Link To Project To Order Tickets


The 15th Anniversary Gala will be an amazing event.  It will be full of fun, friendship, and  inspiration.

I am very proud to support The National Inclusion Project.  It has been a joy to watch the organization grow for 15 years. It has established itself as one of the leading voices in the field of inclusion and works with many distinguished youth organizations.

The National Inclusion Project has worked with hundreds of programs, trained numerous staff members and leaders, and provided inclusive opportunities for over 50,000 children.   All of this in 15 years!  AND…with the help of each of you!!

This year, Clay Aiken, who is the co-founder of the National Inclusion Project, challenged us to attend the Gala this year. He said that if we  get at least 400 attendees to this year’s gala, he will perform the ENTIRE SET LIST from his


Now, wouldn’t that be fun?

The National Inclusion said:

This will be an incredible evening of inspiration, fellowship, music and inclusion and with YOUR help, we can relive Clay’s debut album LIVE!

We need YOU to reach out to your friends, family, and social networks and make this our biggest Gala yet.

Once Gala registration opens, we’ll keep a tally of attendees so you can track our progress.

Don’t forget all proceeds go directly to the Project and our mission of making inclusion the expectation, not the exception.

I am ready to get my tickets…how about you?

If you are waiting to purchase Silver or Bronze packages, you can purchase them on  June 26th @ 12noon ET

This will be an incredible evening of inspiration, fellowship, music and inclusion and with YOUR help, we can relive Clay’s debut album LIVE!

Do you remember the Independent Tour?

It would be so much fun if we could sell out the tickets for the GALA!!

As always, all proceeds will be used to ensure children with and without disabilities can laugh, learn and play TOGETHER!

Hope to see you at the Gala!

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Time to Buy Tickets!!

  1. I am praying that many fans and friends will be attending the Gala this year – it will be very special and that is saying something because every Gala I have attended was special and beyond exciting. Now the 15th Anniversary has to be even better – not sure how that can be but I believe it will be! My 2 granddaughters and I are already making our plans to be there.
    I did attend the Independent Tour – it was so great! Hope that Clay will do it again!

  2. wow we 15 years already holy molly I also attended the independit tour it was so amazing I hope that clay will do the hole intire set of the independit tour all over again

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