Clay Aiken – Let’s Have Some Fun!

Thank you all for the kind comments you left as we celebrated our 10th anniversary!

 I read each comment and enjoyed every word!


2005 was the summer of the Jukebox Tour.  Clay Aiken fans filled the concert halls and arenas in the eastern half of the United States to see a great concert of pop music history.  Most of the concerts were sold out and Clay and his troupe put on an exciting show.

We have posted many pictures and videos of the Jukebox Tour.  However, sometimes we forget to highlight some of the fun times.  So, today we are celebrating some special Jukebox Tour fun.


I bet you are smiling now – aren’t you?

Did You See The Jukebox Tour Live?

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Let’s Have Some Fun!

  1. The first time I saw Clay sing "Elvis", I nearly fell out of my chair and stood up for the entire performance! WOW! The banter on this tour was amazing and hilarious!

  2. I saw it once in Columbus, OH and again in Indianapolis, IN. What a fun concert! Clay & 'the girls' were in top shape. Thanks for the memories.

  3. I missed all of his early tours, so seeing them here and on Clack is heartwarming. That boy can sing then and now. WooHoo

  4. i am indeed smileing right now 🙂 and yes I saw the juke box tour I was shocked when clay sang elvis and barry manalow mandy oh my

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