Clay Aiken – Rewind!


Do you remember when Clay Aiken was the narrator for American Idol Rewind 2?

Clay narrated the Hollywood Round of auditions for Season 2

Picture of Clay as the narrator of American Idol Rewind

Rewind highlighted  Idol contestants who made it through to Hollywood. Clay even had to follow his own Hollywood auditions!

 The show even followed some who failed “spectacularly”.

It’s fun to see these pictures from the Hollywood Auditions

and the video is really great to see!

Hollywood Auditions – Over 16 years ago!!

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Rewind!

  1. I taped the whole Rewind Series of Season 2 – one of these days I will pull them out and
    re-watch the Rewind!!! Clay really kept us busy with all that he had done in those early years. There were so many offers and he took advantage of them all – good for him. He used that time wisely and we the followers had the benefit!

    Awesome Clay Ride! Thank you for covering this with pics and video!

  2. When AI Rewind was shown on TV here many years ago, I taped it on VCR. Still have those old tapes, but no way to watch them now. Clay did a good job of narrating the program. It's fun to watch him singing his heart out at those auditions so long ago.

  3. Thank you for the pictures and video. I remember watching the rewind. Clay did a great job singing back then and as time moved on, he also did. I wish he would still sing more often.

  4. i remember the rewind that clay had narrated I also remember watching it clay did a great job singing way back when and narrating the program I also wish he sing more often also

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