Thanks To Clay Aiken -It’s HAWT!

Mustard is not your ordinary shade of yellow. Mustard has an earthiness that is like no other shade. It is similar to the color Flax.

This color was popular during the mid-1970s and is regaining popularity.


During the summer of 2010, thanks to Clay Aiken, the color became…HAWT!!

Yep! Mustard Is OK!!!

According to Wikipedia:

 Mustard ranges from sweet to spicy!

Which one of these pictures is your favorite?

Have a great Wednesday


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  1. I loved Clay's "Hot Mustard" shirt! His dancing is to die for! Thank you, for the video, I haven't seen this one in a long time!

  2. Thank you for the pictures. It is hard to pick my favorite. The video is great. I have not seen it before.

  3. my favorite picture is the one clay smileing at the audience with his hawt musterd shirt on him I agree with surley t clays dancing is indeed to die for

  4. I choose photos #1 & #5, I saw this concert in Lancaster, PA. It was so full of energy! I never saw Clay do so much dancing in other concerts. Surprised he still could belt out a song after all that jumping around. Good memories.

  5. My cousin like yellow and she likes mustard I like red and catup and clay Aiken is a very good looking man even with white hair or if he had hair color so clay does his own thing

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