Clay Aiken – What’s Your Favorite TV Theme Song?

TV Theme Songs!

 When I hear a fun TV Theme song, I always think of the summer of 2007!

That’s Because – That was the Clay Aiken Summer Symphony Tour-

– known as Soft Rock in A Hard Place

The TV Theme Song section of the concert was always lots of fun.  Clay always had a story to tell the audience about the songs and then he and his back-up singers would sing some of the best TV songs ever.

But… the entire section always started with a great orchestral performance of the theme from the West Wing!

Today, I have posted two videos of The TV Theme section of the concert.

 I hope you enjoy them!

Do you have a favorite TV Theme Song?


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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – What’s Your Favorite TV Theme Song?

  1. Absolutely love all of these themes when sung by Clay and the girls – cannot pick a favorite!
    Clay always picks the wildest things to do in concerts and other events and he always makes them work. He is an ultimate performer! Loved both of the videos from beginning to end!

    Thank you once again! You are similar to Clay in that way!

  2. Thank you for the pictures and 2 videos. Those are one of favorite videos of TV themes. Thank you who ever put them together and you CANN.

  3. OMG, I miss Clay's touring and all the fun we had at his concerts!! What an amazing performer! Not only does he have a wonderful voice, but is also hysterically funny!! Thanks so much for these great memories and our dedicated clack gatherers and videographers!!

  4. My favorite theme song is the one from "The Jeffersons" Thank you, CANN and CLACKERS for sharing this fun Claymemory!

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