Clay Aiken – Some Special Effects!


Can you answer this Christmas question?

In A Tune Bing Crosby made popular, what will you hear on “Every Street Corner ” during Christmas?

On 11/28/03, Clay Aiken performed a song on television by Katherine K. Davis.  Carol of the Drum was originally a Czech song that Ms. Davis translated to English in 1941.  Ms. Davis said:

…the words practically wrote themselves.

The song became famous when the well-known Von Trapp Family Singers recorded it.  We know the song today as The Little Drummer Boy.


On 11/28/03 Clay appeared on Nick at Nite’s Holiday Special on Nickelodeon. Playing himself, the story found Clay stranded in a snowstorm and making a stop at a comfortable countryside inn.  Clay watched Bing Crosby’s Christmas special on TV and imagined himself singing a duet with the famous singer. With some amazing special effects, the dream came true and Clay joined Bing in singing the  “Little Drummer Boy”.


And Katherine K Davis??  She left all royalties and proceeds from her compositions, which include operas, choruses, children’s operettas, cantatas, piano and organ pieces, and songs, to Wellesley College’s Music Department.  And…..on a personal note, Ms. Davis was a good friend of my mother who also wrote music for children.


The following video shows Clay as he sings with Bing Crosby.  Even with all the “magic” special effects, the music and singing is amazing!

It really is lovely!

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Some Special Effects!

  1. One of my favorite Christmas songs of all time! I have this on a vhs tape. Time to convert it to a dvd. Thanks for featuring it in today’s issue of CANN.

  2. I just love that duet with Clay and Bing. I remember seeing it so many years ago and it just gets better over time. Stay warm wherever you are…it is 25 degrees here.

  3. I remember this Christmas Special and was so excited to watch! Thank you CANN for sharing this special moment with OMC!

  4. I remember this Christmas special and was so excited to watch! Thank you, CANN for sharing this beautiful moment of Clay and Bing singing a duet of "Little Drummer Boy"

  5. I don’t know why I did not see this Special when it aired. I would never miss an opportunity to see Clay perform, then or now.
    A beautiful duet of one of my favorite Christmas songs. Thanks to CANN I have seen it now! Merry Christmas All!

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