Clay Aiken – It’s A Celebration!

Today is Saturday, January 11th. To most people it is just another day, but for CANN…. well…

Today is the 11th Anniversary of CANN!

Yes…CANN started in 2009!  It’s almost impossible to believe that!

Our main goals in 2009 were to maintain a site that presented Clay in a positive way and to keep the public updated on all the Clay Aiken news!  Of course, we also wanted to have a place that welcomed fans from all over the world.   I hope that we have kept to those goals throughout the last 11 years!  It hasn’t been hard…being a supporter of Clay Aiken is fun and enjoyable!

I’m a number person.  I follow the numbers each day.  I want to know how we are doing! So…there are a few numbers that I want to share with you:

CANN has posted 4,413 articles!

Since January 1, 2020, we have had visitors from 39 countries!

I am also proud of the hits that we get each day.  In the last year, we averaged 326 hits each day.  Add to that the 422 daily email readers and we have a great group of readers.

Our ClusterMaps are much more complex now and lots of fun to see.  I hope you will all click on it once in a while.  You need to scroll through and see all that we know!!

And remember, we love to see your comments.  It’s easy…just click on the number by the word comment. However,  if you send a comment to our e-mail, it takes a couple of days to get to me and then I type it in the comment section.

Another fun number is at the CANN Facebook page.  We now have 4,067 likes!!  If you haven’t “liked” our Facebook page, I hope you will join in there too.     CANNFACEBOOK

In 2020, we may see many directions from Clay. As his interests and direction change, we will change too.  We will never forget the past and will always celebrate the important stepping stones in his career.  However, we will also continue to report on what he is doing in the present.  We will take our lead from Clay and his team and will support him in whatever way that is appropriate.

I send you a HUGE Thank you for supporting CANN for 11 years!!!  

You all are very special people and I consider each of you my friend!

So…Let’s Celebrate!  A Toast To Clay Aiken!

Clay Aiken News Network is an unofficial fansite. We are not affiliated in any way with Clay Aiken or his management. This website was made by fans for fans and makes no impression or impersonation of the official site, which can be found under the domain

8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s A Celebration!

  1. A toast to Clay Aiken and to CANN as well. Congratulations and Happy 11th anniversary. Enjoy your posts everyday and look forward to whatever is coming in 2020 and hopefully beyond. It's a rollercoaster.

  2. Congratulations on your 11th anniversary! Reading and tweeting about CANN is the first thing I do every morning. Thank you so much for this wonderful service! More power to you!!!

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and thank you so much for bringing us news of OMC! I look forward everyday to reading the articles and watching the videos.

  4. Congratulations to the CANN for an amazing 11 years of bringing us news, photos and videos of our idol, Clay Aiken. You amaze me each day with interesting posts of old & new articles.
    Thank you.

  5. Thank you for your post today. Happy Anniversary to 11 great years. I can not wait to see what the future will hold. I love all the pictures and the videos that you post. Just one question Where is Clay Aiken? I hope he is well and with his family. I just miss him singing. Would like him to keep on singing with new songs. Thank you again.

  6. congradulations to cann and to clay aiken 11verry great years you also amaze me also each day with the interesting poasts of the old and the new articles I can also hardly wait to see what the fucture will hold oh and may I ask a question where is clay aiken I sure hope hes feeling well and doing fine and with his family I also just miss him singing I sure wold like for clay to keep on singingwith new songs thanks again

  7. My Congratulations to you for all that you have given to us over the last 11years. Of course everything Clay is major but you also cover so much more and it is all appreciated. I love checking out the map sites, too – 39 countries is amazing! Looking forward to all that 2020 will bring us from Clay and CANN!

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