Some Messages From Clay Aiken

It was fun to sign into my computer on Saturday and find 2 Instagram messages.  One was a fun message from Clay Aiken and the other was about Clay.  It’s been a long time since Clay has posted  so it was especially fun to read his posts.

The first message from Clay seemed to be a game he was playing on Instagram.  He seemed to have asked an age question from an Instagram game.

Well…I don’t think either number seems right!  What do you think?

Later, on Saturday, the actor, Kevin Carolan posted two pictures from the backstage of the musical, “Come From Away”.  Kevin is starring in the touring company of the show.  He met Clay backstage on Friday at the Durham Performing Arts Center.  He posted:


Happy to welcome @clayaiken to the show last night! It was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for the kind words!
#comefromaway #weallcomefromaway

How fun it must be to be able to go backstage and meet the cast.

AND….how nice to hear from Clay.  It is always fun to get messages from him!  I hope we have more…soon!

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6 thoughts on “Some Messages From Clay Aiken

  1. Looks to me, that Clay is just plain relaxing and being goofy! The Instagram made me smile! Not surprised that Clay would go back stage and congratulate the cast! Love the pictures! Happy Sunday everyone!

  2. Thank you for the pictures of Clay on Instagram. I do not have Instagram. It look like Clay was relaxing and having fun with the games. He does not look like 78 or 16. The pictures made me smile. Everyone have a great Sunday.

  3. it sure is great finaley to hear from clay and thanks for poasting the pictures averry happy sunday to all

  4. Well now we know where Clay is…at least for this moment in time. Wish he were performing and other actors would go backstage to congratulate him. Thanks for posting this from Instagram…I don't use it myself.

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