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On Saturday, February 29th, Clay Aiken posted a thoughtful message on both Instagram and Twitter.  He was concerned about the idea that the United States should bargain with the Taliban…he said:

…to know that any “deal” has been made with the MURDEROUS, DICTATORIAL, and OPPRESSIVE TALIBAN…. it’s not only frightening to me… it’s heartbreaking…

Clay reminded us that he was in Afghanistan with UNICEF and had the opportunity to talk with the young people and see the excitement that they had to get to go to school.

On his post on Saturday, he included some wonderful pictures of the exciting young people.  Yes!!!  Clay was there and was able to see what to expect with the Taliban.


I thought that today I would post a blog that I wrote a bit ago.  You may have see it before.  It is all about Clay’s visit to Afghanistan.  I think it is worth reading at this time.


In 2007, Clay Aiken was a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Clay visited Afghanistan in April of that year. Word reached the American news media that Clay arrived in Afghanistan on April 3rd. Because of safety concerns, Clay’s visit was kept secret until he and his traveling companions were in a safe environment.

Traveling with UNICEF country representative, Catherine Mbengue and his high school teacher Mary Props, Clay visited schools in Kabul and Bamiyan.

Clay said:

As a former teacher, I recognize that spark of hope and excitement all children possess when given the opportunity to learn. Rebuilding schools, training teachers, providing essential supplies and teaching materials are just some of the advances UNICEF and its partners have made to keep that hope flourishing.

Clay was especially excited about his visit to Bamiyan. He thought it was one of the most beautiful places he had ever seen. He was also excited about visiting a school there where boys and girls were being educated together. Clay also visited some medical clinics in the area and was even able to administer polio vaccine to a newborn baby.

Clay reported that he felt that the greatest natural resource in Afghanistan is its people. He reported that he hoped to inform the people of the United States of the deep desire on the part of the children to learn.

Clay stated:

I couldn’t have been more wrong about Afghanistan. And I couldn’t have been farther off target about the Afghan people. With the exception of maybe my grandparent’s house, I have never felt more welcomed. The afghan people are some of the most gracious and inviting people on Earth.


Clay and Mary Props spent almost two weeks on this fact-finding trip. When they returned, Clay reported that in Afghanistan, UNICEF had distributed teaching and learning materials to 2.71 million children and 61,780 teachers, supported Mobile School Protection Teams in 34 provinces, and trained 614 teacher trainers as well as 8,110 newly recruited female teachers.

After returning home to the United States, Clay started an appeal called “$100,000 in 10 Days.” On the 10th day, the following announcement was released by UNICEF. “Congratulations! We raised $181,783.03 for the kids of Afghanistan during this ten day campaign. That’s $80,000 more than the original goal we set for this campaign.”

Congratulations to UNICEF, Clay and many of his fans who worked together to help the children in Afghanistan. It was a good team effort.

When Clay returned home, UNICEF released a wonderful video of         Clay’s trip.

Take a look.

Do you remember when Clay was in Afghanistan?

What a strong, yet gentle man!





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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Always With A Giving Hand

  1. UNICEF has a goldmine with Clay as an ambassador – he has done so much good for so many – he is leaving a wonderful mark on the world. I do remember when Clay was in
    Afghanistan. He has always been in my prayers and always will be. I can't help but think
    what amazing stories he will have to tell to his grandchildren if he will be blessed to have them.

  2. Thank you for the pictures and the video. I do remember when Clay was in Afghanistan. He will always be a great ambassador in what ever he does to represent the USA.

  3. You brought back memories of our learning that Clay was in Afghanistan on the UNICUF mission as an ambassador. It was a wonderful, surprising video so many years ago. Thanks.

  4. yes I remember also clay when he was in afganastan clay will indeed be a great wonderfull ambasader

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