Clay Aiken – It’s Friday! Hi To Our Friends!

Friday is not just another day of the week. It is actually the most expected and beloved day since it marks the beginning of the weekend. On Fridays, the work week is almost over while two or three days of freedom and fun over the weekend await us. There is a sense of anticipation and thrill that makes us happy!

Fridays  are exciting!

The following is a YouTube of Clay Aiken!

 I hope it fits with the theme of Friday.

 The video is by the fabulous SueReu.  I love it and I hope you do too!

On Thursday, July 2nd, Clay was busy as he worked as host on the podcast – How The Heck Are We Gonna Get Along.

Politicon said:

Step into the ring as we discuss the corruption of our two party system & whether we can come together by rejecting social media politics with Aida Rodriguez, John Orloff, and Sonnie Johnson.  You’ll be surprised how much they agree.

Clay did an excellent job of keeping everyone on the topics and letting everyone have time to chat.  Listen HERE

Have A Great Friday

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s Friday! Hi To Our Friends!

  1. Clay is so amazing – never tire of hearing that voice or seeing that face!

    Thank you for the wonderful photos and fantastic video!

    Happy 4th of July everyone!

  2. Thank you for all the pictures and the video. The video by SueReu is great. I listen to the podcast yesterday. Another great one. Happy 4th of July to everyone out there. Be safe.

  3. Thanks for sharing this post. I miss the tours; but with Covid-19 and Clay focusing more on politics, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. It’s good to hear his voice whatever he does. Happy 4th of July!

  4. Thank you, to the talented SueReu for "Clay Aiken-Retrospective" montages! They are beautifully done! Listened to Politicon and it was great! Sonny was over-the-top as usual, didn't agree with everything all had said and I admire their ability to listen to one another. Clay is a great host and keeps his guest inline. Happy Weekend to All!

  5. Hope everyone has a safe and healthy 4th of July celebration. Clay's podcast yesterday, kind of wore me out. As usual, Clay kept things moving with everyone having a chance to speak. I sure do love SueRue's videos. Thanks for finding them and posting for us.

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