Clay Aiken – He Took Care Of It

On November 13, 2003, Clay Aiken was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel – Live.  Prior to this appearance, Jimmy had used Clay as the butt of many jokes.  When the two finally sat down to chat, Jimmy tried to explain away reasons for making fun of Clay.  He also was surprised that Clay was tall (6’1″).

Britney Spears was the guest before Clay on the program.  As she was talking to Jimmy, she commented that she liked Ruben better than Clay!!  Not so nice to say that in front of Clay!!  However, Clay took care of it.  While talking to Jimmy about being made fun of, Clay said he just laughs it off…just like he laughed at the comment made by Britney.

Clay was involved in a short skit to tease Jimmy. Sarah Silverman, who was Jimmy’s girlfriend and Clay pretended that they were kissing and having fun.  It was a cute skit.

It happened to be Jimmy’s birthday and Clay asked him if he was 40!!  Then Jimmy went through a list of things that he and Clay had in common.  With a smile, Clay said he needed a new fact checker.

It was a great show and Clay seemed to have a good time.

I wish I could find a video of this show.  Unfortunately, Disney/ABC removed the videos from YouTube many years ago!

We do have an excellent video of short, but fun clips of Clay on many different Kimmel shows!!

Do you remember this night?


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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – He Took Care Of It

  1. I didn't see this Kimmel show live, so thanks for the video. I did see Clay & Jimmy on later shows and always enjoyed their antics.

  2. Thank you for all the pictures and the video. I do remember this when it was on TV. Clay and Jimmy were always funny together. Thank you CANN.

  3. thanks soo much for all the pictures and video i remember thiss also when it was on tv clay and jimmy were always indeed funny together

  4. Clay and Jimmy make a great team. Jimmy was amazed at his first interview with Clay and his quick-wittedness and comic timing. I love all the times between these two! Thank you, CANN for sharing the pictures and the video!

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