Clay Aiken – Your Mustache Is Falling!!

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Late night TV host, Jimmy Kimmel is an important person to ABC.  Each season, his late-night TV show ratings get larger and larger.

As with most late night hosts, Kimmel invites people from his network to be guests on his show.

In the spring of 2007, Jimmy was doing short comedy segments each week about the popular dancing show, Dancing With The Stars. On May 22nd, Jimmy roped Clay Aiken into the action.

The spoof was about a new product called “Guillermo’s Mustache Magic”, guaranteed to improve your life by adding a dash of ‘stache to your upper lip.  Clay’s cameo was a combination of recorded video clips and before and after pictures.  Clay talked about how this product helped his performances, his confidence levels, and his life in general.

Clay ended the skit by saying, “I can’t imagine my life without it!”  It was a cute cameo, especially watching the fake mustache fall halfway off of his face.

Do you remember seeing this on TV?

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1 thought on “Clay Aiken – Your Mustache Is Falling!!

  1. Funny commercial with Jimmy and Guillermo, Clay’s part was hysterically funny with that mustache trying to falling off his upper lip!

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