Clay Aiken – Dancing, Laughs and Wonderful Music

During the summer of 2005, Clay Aiken performed around the country presenting concerts on The Jukebox Tour.  The tour was very popular and Clay sang songs from the 50’s through the 90’s.

There was lots of dancing, costume changing, laughs and wonderful music.

During the tour, Clay introduced some songs that he was considering for his up-coming album. A fan favorite was an upbeat song titled, ” Back For More.”

…I’m not too crazy ‘bout love songs
This type of story cuts a little too close to home
Cause it’s all over the radio, the radio, the radio

Cuts me deep with every word
Saddest song I’ve ever heard
Try and shut it out
It keeps coming back for more
Drowning in the melody
Makes me feel like I can’t breathe
I can’t save myself
The only time I’m close to you is when
I hear a song I’m addicted to
So I keep coming back for more


I found a YouTube of the performance of “Back For More.”  The video was taken in Vermont.    Take a look…… The song is “a little bit rock and roll” and although it is rumored that Clay didn’t really like the song, it was a big hit with his fans.

Did you attend a concert on this tour?

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Dancing, Laughs and Wonderful Music

  1. Thank you for all the pictures and the video. I did not cee Clay on this tour. Thank you CANN.

  2. Not many folks can pull of looking good in orange…but Clay sure can! I did see this concert, but I can’t remember which city I travelled to.

  3. This was such a great Tour – I did attend in Cleveland and enjoyed it – didn’t have too far to go as we live about a 1/2 hr. drive away. Would have loved to see more shows – just wasn’t possible.

  4. Yes, I did attend this concert with by two daughters in Boston!! The three of us agreed that this was our favorite concert EVER!! Clay was fantastic!! Thank YOU CANN!!

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