Clay Aiken – A Great Actor

I am trying to write CANN. Why is that difficult today? (103 degrees in the house!)

It is the second day that Clay Aiken is performing the role of “Man In Chair” in the wonderful musical show, “The Drowsy Chaperone”.

It was fun this morning to see the comments people said about Clay and the show! It seems he is amazing on the stage whether it is singing or acting.

Meeting people after the first performance

As you can see, Clay took off his wig when he met these people.

The following is some comments that were posted on FB.

Congratulations Pittsburgh CLO Opening Night of the Season and Drowsy Chaperone with Clay Aiken did not disappoint !

Last night’s “Drowsy Chaperone” (Pittsburgh CLO) was a love-letter to Broadway! Clay & Paige led a brilliant cast, and I was charmed by every second of it! 

Absolutely wonderful play!! Great song and dance numbers, lots of laughs, the costumes were amazing, Clay was great………and, of course, I think Paige stole the show!! It is a definite must see!!

Of course there are many more posts!

I also have a few pictures from the show. These are hard to get, but worth the time!

When Clay and Paige were on the radio.
The last scene on the show!

I also found two videos. The first one at the radio station and the second is a part of the show. I hope they work out! BUT!!!!! the radio station works well….the other, well it’s not working!! So sorry! It might get available tomorrow!

Isn’t it fun to see Clay! I was not able to go this time and the pictures do help!

It you get anymore info, please let me know and I will try to get it posted on CANN!


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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Great Actor

  1. It sounds like the show got off to a rousing start. I am so happy for Clay and all of the others in DC! I am enjoying all of the pics and the video. Thank you for all that you have given us so far. It’s not possible for me to get to see the show so everything you put on here will be really appreciated!

  2. Only found one video of the radio show. Thank you for the pictures. I love them. I am glad of the great reviews The radio video is great, Thank you CANN.

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