Clay Aiken – Are You Ready For Christmas?

What did the Grinch use as a substitute for reindeer?


Are you ready for Christmas?  Is all the shopping done, the house decorated, the meals planned, and all the presents wrapped?

 If so…good for you!

I wish I could say I was ready.

 I think I have been on the computer too much this holiday season as I try to find out all the fun things that Clay Aiken is doing!

I looked up this article I wrote a few years ago and fixed it up a bit to make it correct. I hope we all can see Clay and Ruben next year!

On Friday, besides performing on Ruben & Clay’s Christmas Show, Clay and Ruben spent some time talking to the hosts of Live at 5.  This show is on the Theater site,

It’s always fun to hear Clay chat and today was fine.  There was no new “news”, but Clay is always fun to listen to.

The show posted the following on Twitter:

We sure made merry with @RubenAndClay on our final #LiveAtFive of 2018! Watch it in full now:


Did you notice that Clay was wearing a different Christmas sweater?  It seems like Clay’s friend, Whoopi Goldberg gave a new shirt to each member of the cast.  Whoopi has a wonderful business that designs and sells beautiful Christmas sweaters and shirts.

Whoopi had so many nice and exciting things to say about the show.  She made a point of letting the audience of The View know what fun she had at the show.  A rumor is circling that she has attended 2 shows!

Clay tweeted:

Our friend @whoopigoldberg not only likes our show over at @rubenandclay … I’m betting she likes our style too! Thanks for the @whoopisholidaysweaters #christmas #broadway #rubenandclayonbroadway 

Ken Arpino, a cast member and writer for the show wrote the following tweet:

Continually blown away by the generosity that follows this show. Thank you @WhoopiGoldberg for our sweaters!! Hope you have an amazing holiday 😄 @RubenAndClay


Another entertainer stopped by the show for the second time.  It is Kate McKinnon.  Kate is a regular on Saturday Night Live!  The following picture shows Kate with the cast of Ruben and Clay’s Christmas Show.

I hope you have some fun as you get ready for Christmas!  

Life is good and I am looking forward to my family arriving on Christmas Eve

and hearing more about Clay and his exciting Christmas!

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Are You Ready For Christmas?

  1. Wasn’t able to get to N.Y. for the Christmas Show that Clay and Ruben did – sure would be nice to see them on Tour in the Spring if they come near me. I am not ready for Christmas!!!

  2. I just finished writing out my Xmas cards and got on CANN on my computer. So glad to see the photos again. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Thank you for the info on The Christmas Show that Clay and Ruben was in on Broadway .The pictures are great. I did not see the show on Broadway. I wish Clay and Ruben could do another Christmas Show. Thank you CANN.

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