Clay Aiken – Interesting and Entertaining

For those who enjoy hearing Clay Aiken, Tuesday was a great day!  It started with a tweet:

Coming up for the full hour of with my friend to talk #2016 – tune in!

Yes…Clay was a guest on America Now With Meghan McCain.  This has become a weekly visit for Clay and it is always a treat to hear both Clay and Meghan chat about the news of the moment!

According to twitter, there are lots of people who enjoy hearing Clay chat with Meghan:

Damnit I have dinner to pick up but sitting in car listening to Clay Aiken discuss Weiner gate. Love him.

I like her show and her personality. Heard Clay Aiken on the other day and he had me cracking up

And yes, there were plenty more tweets!

Clay and Meghan chatted for about an hour.  The following are a few things that I remember about the conversation.

  •  Clay was concerned about the hackers that attacked the voting system in Illinois
  • Both Clay and Meghan thought Julian Assage looks evil!
  • Anthony Weiner…Clay feels he has some kind of illness. Clay said that power corrupts. He thinks Weiner believed he had many connections and was untouchable. Clay felt he wouldn’t have the balls to do this after he was caught the first time if he wasn’t sick.
  • They talked about Rick Perry being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.  Clay thought it would make him look cheap and in the need of a do-over!
  • They both talked about debate prep for Trump and Clinton.  Clay talked about his practice for the debates when he was a candidate for Congress.
  • They talked about the best selling books…Trump’s book is not anywhere close to the top!

Of course there was a lot more…I thought their conversation was interesting and entertaining.

If you missed the show, you can still hear it at AMERICANOW   Click on the August 30th show.

Unfortunately, there was no picture from the show.  Maybe they will post one later!

I hope we hear from Clay again…SOON!!!

So….How can we have a blog without a picture of Clay?

Do you remember?

Zootopia – June, 2003

Zootopia – June, 2003


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