Clay Aiken – National Inclusion Project & Cookies

Clay Aiken and Christie Cookies – what could be better?  How about raising funds for a very worthwhile foundation, the National Inclusion Project.  Here are a few reasons why.

The mission of the National Inclusion Project is:

The National Inclusion Project serves to bridge the gap that exists between young people with special needs and the world around them.  We support communities and programs in creating awareness and opportunities for full inclusion where barriers break and doors open.  It is our goal to create an environment for children where inclusion is embraced.

How does the National Inclusion Project work toward full inclusion?  The following is just a sampling:

Let’s All Play:
This program provides recreational sites with an inclusive model and the needed training to include children of all abilities.

K-12 Inclusive Learning:
A detailed inclusive class curriculum for elementary, middle and high school levels.  The curriculum culminates in an inclusive learning project that benefits the community.

Clay Aiken Reads Our Friend MikaylaOur Friend Mikayla:

Our Friend Mikayla, in its second printing, was written and illustrated by third-grade students.  The book chronicles their reaction to a
classmate with a disability, their barriers to acceptance, and the friendship
they formed with Mikayla.

The above are only a sample of what the National Inclusion Project has to offer.  For more information, please visit their website at National Inclusion

Here is some additional food for thought: The odds of being diagnosed with autism is One  in 150.  The most common form of Muscular Dystrophy affects about 1 in every 3,500 (boys).  The Incidence of Downs Syndrome is about 1 per 800 to 1,000 births.

These are real children and real families having to deal with a world where inclusion is not the norm.  The National Inclusion Project is working toward making the dream of inclusion a reality.  All children deserve the chance to play, the chance for an education and the chance for acceptance.

Here is a chance to help – please vote for National Inclusion Project at the Christie Cookie Charity Competition.  One vote per valid email address.  Your vote helps thousands of children – children with physical disabilities, children with mental disabilities and also typically functioning children.  With education and exposure, fear and intolerance disappear.

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