Clay Aiken – In Touch Through Periscope

On Wednesday, June 3rd, Clay Aiken visited The New York Botanical Garden in The Bronx.  It was exciting because the place is amazingly beautiful, but also because Clay included all of us in a part of his tour.  He used Periscope and broadcast two short videos of his experience visiting the Garden.

I knew nothing about this beautiful site until Clay posted about it. Did you know:

  • The garden was founded in 1891
  • It is a National Historic Landmark
  • It is a 250-acre site
  • It has over one million living plants
  • The Botanical Garden has 50 gardens
  • It houses the most beautiful rose garden in the United States

I think this might be a place to visit the next time I visit New York.

On Wednesday afternoon, Clay broadcast his first Periscope video of the day:

LIVE on ‪#Periscope: NY Botanical Gardens w/ ‪@talinaybooks

Clay started his visit in the beautiful Rose Garden. He was with 2 friends, Tali Nay and his friend, Dan. Clay pointed out many of the different roses and found the Desmond Tutu Rose…Of course, the Clay humor came out when he asked us if we remembered another Desmond and what he was famous for… Yes…it was Desmond Child who wrote “Invisible”!

Clay answered a few questions and did say he was feeling much better after his bout with Food Poisoning. He responded to messages that were sent by viewers and seemed to be having fun with his friends. He signed off and said he would be back in a few minutes.

About 30 minutes later:

LIVE on ‪#Periscope: Just around the riverbend

Clay and his friends had moved from the Rose Garden and were following a small stream in the garden. While talking to us, he made his way to the waterfall that is in the garden.

In typical Clay fun, he sang Just Around The Riverbend, from the Disney show, Pocahontas and then threw in a line or two from Moonriver…. quick thinking on his part and, although he was just having fun with friends, his voice soared as he sang.

Too quickly, Clay said good-bye. I hope that he and his friends had a great “rest of the day”!!

Thanks to the great Clay fan, Deemer, we have a few screencaps of the Periscopes from Clay! Thank you, Deemer!

What a fun and relaxing day!


On Wednesday evening, the following tweet was posted about Clay and included a great picture:

Torsie Judkins ‏@torsiejudkins 47s
working in NYC u bump into celebrities. Hi Clay Aiken! He was excited to take a selfie a with fellow North Carolinian

Are you getting Clay’s Periscope Videos?  All you need is a smart phone and a twitter account.  The app for Periscope is free!  It is really fun when I hear my phone “whistle” at me to let me know that Clay is on Periscope.

Have you ever been to the New York Botanical Gardens?




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