Independent Tour with Kelly Clarkson (February 24, 2004 – April 16, 2004).  This is a playlist of Clay’s set (Kyrie, Perfect Day, I Will Carry You, All About Love, When You Say You Love Me, No More Sad Songs, Without You, Invisible, I Survived You, Run to Me (February 24 – March 1), Acoustic Set: Measure of a Man, Fields of Gold, When I Need Love, Carolina in My Mind, When Doves Cry, The Way, Open Arms (w/Kelly Clarkson).  Enjoy!!

5 thoughts on “Tours

  1. I just cannot thank you enough. That is the only tour (other than AI2) that I didn’t get to see. So great to have it all right here!

    Gosh, I wish he would record Kyrie. That must have been such a thrill to have him come in from the back singing that song, especially if you were near the aisle.

  2. Thanks to you for putting them all together so that performances from that concert can all be viewed at one place. Thanks also to the wonderful videographers of the fandom and to Clay for allowing us to record this so that we can re-live, re-watch or experience the concerts for the first time.

  3. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THIS IS A JEWEL!!! I saw this tour in Dorton Arena, Raleigh, NC, with my back against the wall, (horrible seats!), the acoustics were deafening, but I was so excited & thrilled to be there!!! It was my first live Clay experience!! When Clay came in, singing Kyrie, the arena was in darkness, everyone was screaming, looking around, trying to find where his voice was coming from; then, the spotlight picked him up, & the crowd went WILD!!!! A once in a lifetime moment!!! What a thrill to get to relive that moment!!!

  4. Thanks for putting all these Clay Aiken videos together like this. I really enjoyed watching these again – all in one place! Great job!

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