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Most people will say that Clay Aiken has moved on from his season on American Idol.  For the last six years, he has been busy recording albums, touring the country, starring on Broadway, performing on many TV show and participating in many charitable organizations.  Yes, he is more than an American Idol contestant.

But…… all started on American Idol so lets have some fun.  Magicalmusic made a montage of American Idol pictures.  Can you match the picture with the song??  WAIT!!  NO CHEATING!!  Can you do it without looking at your Clack??  Some days, you just have to have fun, so lets us know if you were successful or if you had trouble.  It will be fun to see how we all do.  After all, its been 6 years!!

Clay Aiken on American Idol

Clay Aiken on American Idol

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30 thoughts on “American Idol Matchup

  1. Thanks for using my picture montage. Sadly I don’t remember the songs that go with all the pictures. Guess I had better watch some Idol clack and refresh my memory.

  2. Gaaah! I’m not as clever as I thought I was! I need to go back and “revise” again (heh,heh,heh!!)

  3. What a great idea! And I absolutely need to cheat and look at my clack – has! Back in the day, all I focused on was that man and his voice, NOT his clothes!

  4. I’m at work, so I can’t play. But I must admit that I keep coming back to look at the pictures….

  5. That was the shortest 6 years! I have enjoyed almost ever minute of it, and expect to have a great time for the next 6 years.

  6. One is Grease, Somewhere Out There, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, of course Take, – gotta think about the rest. lol

  7. Nice way to have a little fun during the dry spell. Hope the dry spell isn’t toooo long! I can’t remember either. Hope the answers will be printed in the next issue.

  8. Think I remembered most and they were all wonderful performances. Quite an adventure and I loved every moment!

  9. Who could ever forget Clay’s dazzling brave smile during Simon’s cruel critique of Grease. My heart melted.

  10. Just from looking at the pictures I got most of them–I think. I’m should be able to match them all when I watch the video.
    Thanks for the game..I love playing with Clay!!

  11. Well, guess I’ve got to put my thinking cap on. Oh, I know I could cheat, but then what excuse could I use for staring at those pictures for a few hours!!!

  12. How about we number them from left to right row to row. (We all know the big one in the middle.) So there’d be 12 total
    Number 1 ?
    Number 2 To Love Somebody?
    Number 3 Grease?
    Number 4?
    Number 5 These are the moments?

    Then I’m lost till Bridge over troubled water at Number 8. I’m a BADDDD fan!!

  13. I don’t think #2 is To Love Somebody – black shirt and blue tie.

    #1 I is Open Arms (prior to WC performance)

  14. SCRATCH THAT! Open Arms is NOT #1 – it must be Hollywood. Open Arms is bottom right hand corner 🙂 (I think)

    Grease is easy – Red Leather Jacket LOL!!

  15. I know all the performances but can’t think of the names of the Billy Joel or Diane Warren songs. In no order, besides those 2, there’s ATM, BOTW, Always and Forever, Grease, Hello, Can’t Help Myself or Sugar Pie Honeybunch (whatever its called), Open Arms, and the Halfway Show when he was interviewed by Ryan.

  16. Okay, I think I’ve got them all right so here goes: Starting from the top left hand corner-
    1. Superstar (Hollywood week)- my personal fave
    2. BOTW (finale results night)
    3. Grease
    4. Somewhere Out There (halfway home special)
    5. Tell Her About It
    6. Sugar Pie Honeybunch
    7. ??DLTSGDOM (Wildcard results) or Somewhere Out There (movie night)??
    8. BOTW (finale performance show)
    9. I Could Not Ask For More
    10. Grease…again (only time he wore the red jacket as far as I know)
    11. At this moment- my second fave
    12. Open Arms (group 2)
    Middle Picture- Always and Forever from the Atlanta audition

    • Finally have #7 figured out…that one had me stumped for a while. It’s Hello from the AI2 finale. I knew my other answers were wrong because he wasn’t wearing the white t-shirt under the blue shirt, but I just couldn’t figure out where it was from. I just got it now because I was listening to the performance of that song and Ain’t No Stopping Us Now on my laptop and it reminded me of it. Thank goodness, that was bugging me!

      By the way, Hello Clay…I love you too! LOL

  17. I think I’ve got them all. But only, coincidentally, because I got all schmoopy a couple of days ago and finally posted that montage on my blog. And in order to make it.. I had to watch all these clips over and over and over again. It was a tough job, but, ya know?…

    Fun game though!!!

  18. What a fun game. I missed four, I had to go watch the clack…..then I got mesmerized for hours. Love that voice!

  19. I wasn’t around for AI2 (or any AI actually) so I guess I will just have to go and listen to and watch all the clack. I’ll force myself. LOL

  20. I’ll give it a shot.Starting at the left corner and moving right:
    1.Hollywood week, He sang: Times come for all hear the call.. with an open heart and a brand new start today. He had to write his own lyrics.
    2.Build Me Up Butter Cup ( I think)
    3.After Grease performance interview/Judge comments)
    4.Halfway Home show where he sang Somewhere Out There for the second time.
    5.I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)
    6.Finale nite Bridge Over Troubled Waters
    7.Open Arms Wild Card show
    8.Someone Else’s Star ( that was a hard one hope I am right)Simon said it was very sweet but Identical to last week.
    10.I Could Not Ask For More I think this was the nite his Grandma was there.
    11.Somewhere Out There
    12.Tell her About It Ryan commented about his shoes matching his shirt.
    13.Now And Forever His Audition song( large one in the middle) This is the song he sang where I lost my heart to one Clay Aiken.

    I swear I DID NOT look at any clack when listing my answers. I don’t know if any or all of my answers are right. When do we get the correct answers? LOL

  21. Since I am a VERY new Clay fan, I have been watching watching his videos on YouTube constantly so I was able to remember all but one. I question myself all the time about this fascination I have with this man but I see that there are an amazing amount of fans and that I’m very normal. 🙂

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