Netiquette – It’s Our Responsibility

Which Clay Aiken fan board do you read?? Where do you post?? Do you post every day?? Do you search Google for current news on Clay?? If you are reading here, these are questions that you can probably answer easily.

Since his time on American Idol, Clay Aiken has had thousands of fans who have actively supported the man and his career on the internet. There are many active fan sites and even more active message boards. If you check Google today, you see that there are 241,112 blogs listed for Clay.

Like many of you, before I became a fan of Clay, I was unfamiliar with message boards, and fan sites and only used the internet for research purposes. The World Wide Web came into existence in 1989 so the rules for posting are still evolving.

Rick Langford, the founder of the Tahoe Mall, wrote an article about the importance of manners on the Internet. The article suggests that when you post it is a good idea to remember to be compassionate, insightful and willing to listen to others. He also reminds the reader to…. “Be pleasant, try to get along, and don’t give your opinion unless you are either asked for it or it seems otherwise appropriate.” I wish these rules could be posted at the top of every fan board. It would make each message board a bit friendlier and easier to use.  (Mind Your Internet Manners)

An Internet forum or message board is the modern equivalent of a traditional bulletin board. It reaches people all over the world. Many people who participate in Clay Aiken Internet forums have build bonds with each other and true friendships have been made. Clay is lucky to have this family of fans and so are all those who participate.

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7 thoughts on “Netiquette – It’s Our Responsibility

  1. Great words….

    Maybe we can post this over at the OFC…the Official Board…..they sure could use it…

  2. It would be so nice if all internet users displayed proper etiquette while posting. I’d love to see a law passed to regulate and punish cyber bullying.
    Clay fans I’ve found, are some of the most gracious, and mannerly when it comes to posting. I’ve also seen the ‘bad’ side of it too. Luckily, the good far outweighs the bad.

  3. Thanks for this article and your ideas, Clay Aiken News.

    Marti, I love your ideas about regulating and punishing cyber bullying.
    We have some wonderful Clay fans, it’s true and the good does outweigh the bad.

  4. cyber bullying stinks and you are right, we are all responsible and maybe that SHOULD be posted over at the OFC – it could sure use it..

  5. Excellent article. Thanks guys!!! This is becoming a much bigger problem every year. Unfortunately lack of manners is extending into real life as well. I wish that message boards, especially, would monitor and require mannerly posts only. One can express an opinion is a non-threatening way OR in a very abrupt “I’m right and you are wrong” attitude. If mannerly posts ONLY were allowed, there would end up (hopefully) being a bit less cyber bullying.

  6. You know all the talk about Clay’s comments would not have been out there if someone had not taken it out of OFC. We need to respect what Clay puts in his blogs or he could stop being so good to all of us. Clay is not the kind of person to be mean to someone else. All of us need to choose our words more carefuly.

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