Red Alert #2

I can Do It.

"I can Do It."

Sally’s foursome is out on the course right now and said Clay is traveling around on a golf cart visiting with the golfers and taking group pictures. He is having fun and very talkative (shock!). Sally said she has a 13 yr old girl in her foursome (Samantha) that is a great golfer. She didn’t even know who Clay was, but he spent quite some time teasing and chatting her up and she said she will not soon forget him.

According to Sharon, Jerome just picked Clay up and they left. Oh, championship poker player Greg (Fossilman) Raymer is there and will be giving a poker exhibition tonight prior to the dinner. It’s pretty quiet right now as most of the golfers are still out and the evening guests haven’t arrived yet. If I hear anything else before the dinner, I’ll post.

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4 thoughts on “Red Alert #2

  1. I love stories like this one!! Clay is so at ease and so wonderful with people!!! Can’t wait for more red and cannot wait for tonight!

  2. I can only imagine what’s going through his mind as he looks at those golf clubs.

    I was delighted to read that there was only one less team this year than last year, particularly in these difficult economic times. Congratulations to the BAF for another successful event!

    Ready and waiting for some more red reports….

  3. What wonderful pictures! Since I couldn’t be there the pictures are the next best thing.

    Thank you for this great up to the minute blog.

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