Clay Aiken Playing?? Golf

Clay Aiken Playing?? Golf


Just heard from Sharon, Sally and Susie.

First, the hair is red and neatly cut-blowing in the breeze. He was wearing a black shirt with the BAF logo, khaki pants and golf shoes. He had on his black face watch, no rings, his cell phone is in his right pocket and the freckles were beautiful. . Susie wanted to know if that was a good enough description.

When Clay and Wayne Player came out to do the golf clinic, Clay was standing right next to them and was goofing off with Wayne. Clay told them that he still couldn’t play T-ball, but he could now dance. Jerome was there with him.

The girls talked to a photographer who is there and were told that a piece for educational TV will be shown in a couple of weeks. They also saw someone with a video camera, but don’t know if it is a fan or not. They will try to find out. Considering the economic slump right now, they are very pleased to have only 1 team less than last year. The teams teed off 45 minutes ago.
Just as last year, the breakfast was phenomenal with made to order selections. Jerry and Diane are there and they chatted with Diane for a bit. She said that the BBQ and concert was a sell-out and they had to set up extra tables to handle the reservations. It was for club members and guests only. Hopefully, Sally will give me a call when Clay heads out on the course to “hunt gators” again.

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10 thoughts on “RED ALERT

  1. YAY!!! Thank you so much!! I’m at work and it’s great to be able to stay up to date on today’s doings!!!!

  2. WAAHH! Why am I not rich, and a golfer??? Life isn’t fair. Sniff

    Clay, however, looks wonderful!

  3. Thanks for the RED ALERT! Clay looks great!!! I hope he has a great time today and raises tons of money for TBAF. I also hope we get to hear him SING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love RED! Clay is looking mighty fine. I am so glad that GFI has been so well received the past 2 years.

  5. Oh to be in FL on that golf course right now. I love how you guys are on top of Clay news. Great job.

  6. Waaah – I wanna be a golfer and I wanna move closer to Florida, at least for the next week …

    I hope they raise a ton of money and thanks girls for all the hard work you’ve put into this site – it is looking SO good!

  7. Clay sure is looking gorgeous and slim and sexy always. Hope they raise all kinds of money for GFI today. Can’t wait for him to sing tonight..hope we get some video’s.

    I also live in Daytona Beach, and the weather is so beautiful. Hope Clay puts some sunscreen on because the sun is vera vera potent here..even in January.

  8. He certainly looks so much slimmer and as for sexy looking – gaaaah, as ALWAYS!!

    I wish I was in Florida right now!

  9. Merci beaucoup for the Red Alert… I hope that BAF is able to raise lots of money for such a great cause.

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