Uncharmingly Untalented

“Uncharmingly Untalented”

Patrick Hurley, a writer in Hollywood, used the above title to describe one of the current public bullies in the entertainment industry, Kathy Griffin.

I found this article while searching the web for interesting topics that have influenced the life and career of Clay Aiken. Like it or not, Kathy’s name and Clay’s name have been tied together for many years and it certainly has not been a popular pairing with Clay fans.

From the beginning of Clay’s career, Kathy has made him the focus of her stand-up comic routine. She took it upon herself to embarrass Clay and try and “out” him as gay long before he was ready. Do you remember the term “Gaiken”??

At first, Clay played along with her jokes, but soon, her over -the– top comments were not at all funny and Clay seemed to ignore her completely.

Who is Kathy Griffin?? According to Hurley, Kathy is “a desperate woman not trying to save her career but attempting to build one. She has been so blatantly unsuccessful at this point that she is now resorting to using shock statements to build an audience.”

Hurley goes on to say; “Kathy Griffin is uncouth for the sake of being vulgar. There is no redeeming value in most of her humor. She is a comedic bully who rolls over decency, audiences and the art form itself. She is happier making people angry that she is at entertaining them.”

According to Hurley, Kathy lacks the ability to entertain.

“Well, my whole thing with gossip is I couldn’t care less if it’s true.” Kathy said to a reporter. “My act has always reflected what’s going on in my life.” And, “A lot of fans don’t have a sense of humor”. Perhaps it is Kathy that doesn’t have a clue!!

Bullying, which causes horrific psychological pain to victims, must never be accepted as a form of entertainment. The offensive TV scenes of bullying and the moronic comics who bash to entertain are only trying to normalize and legitimize all bullying.

What should we do?? Do we just ignore her or should we speak up?? Well, for me, Edmund Burke’s statement answers those questions. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.”

Patrick Hurley lives in Orange County, California. He has presented humorous presentations in 46 states to over six million people. He has had six books published and has won three Emmy awards for television.

Patrick Hurley’s entire article can be found at: http://politicalmavens.com

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8 thoughts on “Uncharmingly Untalented

  1. It is difficult because Kathy Griffin thrives on negativity. We all have our own spheres of influence. Maybe whenever we have the opportunity, we can express our disdain for her type of “humor”. Articles and blogs like this and Mr. Hurley’s can also help get the word out that her “humor” is not funny.

  2. I have long felt that this type of humor is part of what is wrong with our society. People like Kathy Griffin, Conan O’Brien and the like put the message out there that it’s okay to bully and be cruel – as long as it’s under the guise of “humor”.

    To add to that, children see their parents laughing at it and get the message at a young age that making fun of people = funny. Well, having been on the receiving end of that type of humor, I can guarantee that the words sting and cut very deep.

  3. They are not funny, their humour is not funny and I hope that one day, people will see this and kick them to the kerb..

  4. There are enough terrible things happening in our world without people like the above making a good living out of tearing people apart. She has no creativity or she would be not be doing this type of “entertainment”. I use this term loosely. I hope
    we, as a society, begin to build on the good things and ignore those whose only purpose is to tear down others using foul language as she does it.

  5. I have to agree with the article. I find her ‘humor’ offensive at best and totally degrading at worst. Not funny, not funny at all.

  6. I totally agree with this article.

    At some point this kind of bullying must stop. It is not funny, but degrading at the highest level.

    KG was relentless with Clay Aiken. She never gave up, constantly used him as a punching bag. It’s bad enough to use a certain group of people, but when you constantly attach a person’s name to it, night after night, it becomes personal…

    I see more and more kids at school being called out for bullying…it is not acceptable. And yet, they can turn on a tv and see KG…can see their parents laughing at her..and they have to wonder, why do I get punished, but as long as you are an adult, it is fine. No wonder kids are confused… I just wish she would go away somewhere, and take that voice which is like nails on a chalkboard away….

  7. You know when you treat people like crap, sometimes it comes back around and bites ya in the butt. I hope it continues to bite KG.

  8. This is not humor and is only used by people with no talent. It resonates with dimwitted bullies and there are enough of them in the world to support this classless woman.

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