Wildcard Performance Praised

Tonight marks the eighth season premiere of the very popular talent show, American Idol. Of course, the publicity machine is in full throttle.  Jarrett Wieselman from the New York Post, published an article today titled The 10 Best Idol Performances.

WildcardJarett has never been a fan of Clay Aiken, but in this list, he rated Clay’s Wildcard performance as the 4th best performance of the seven years.  Clay sang Open Arms, a song made popular by the group Journey.

Claiming Clay to be an unlikely heart throb, Wieselman says that the public embraced Clay and kept voting and voting for him.

Clay has gone on to be the most popular runner-up and has moved his successful career away from his American Idol experience.

Are you going to watch American Idol tonight??  Personally, I have also moved on and I will not be watching

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11 thoughts on “Wildcard Performance Praised

  1. I’ll be taking a pass on AI. I tried watching for a couple more seasons after AI2, but it’s just not the same. The magic is gone.

  2. While I don’t agree that “Open Arms” was his best performance, I am happy to see him on the list of someone who has never been a fan.

    I will not watch AI, unless Clay were to appear.

  3. No matter how hard they try or how many times they try to discredit Clay and his talent, AI will never equal Clay’s drawing power on that show. He and Ruben together were a combination that can’t be duplicated. I tried watching after season 2, but couldn’t get passed the opening credits.

  4. I flip channels sometimes and will pause and catch a song or two – but, for me………….’Idol Found, Game Over.’ And my idol of choice is Clay Aiken!

  5. Idol has already been found so whats the point of looking for anyone else? Perhaps they should realise they have a worldwide talent in Clay Aiken and market him accordingly..

  6. If American Idol think they can repeat the magic of 2003 they can think again. That was a once-in-a-lifetime happening.

  7. I didn’t watch the first season, watched the second after seeing Clay on the Wild Card show, tried watching the third and gave it up. B O R I N G!

    Without Clay, it’s just another program to me. I’d rather spend my time doing almost anything else! Now I do love the polls that are back … takes me back!

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