A Toast To Clay Aiken



February 20, 2009……….    It started with a bit of apprehension.  The wanna-be reporters were leaking a story that Clay Aiken had been dumped by RCA. Any official sources were conspicuously missing; there were only pages and pages of Google headlines that all said the same thing.  Next, there was a visit from Clay on his Fan Club board.  Nothing official, just a short question, asking for some information….ah…..a hint!!  In one quick question, Clay let us know that his fans knew more than Google and that the word Independent was important!!  Then, the moment that many were waiting for, an official announcement that Clay Aiken chose to move on.  That’s when the party started.  It was almost a Perfect Day!!


It was nice to learn that the story of Clay being dumped was a Fantasy!!


Many fans felt that RCA was made up of a Chain of Fools.


The members of the ClayNation hoped that Clay knew that he was Still The One.


As time went by, there were pages of dancing bananas, champagne flutes, and happy faces on every board. Clay’s fans were remembering the first notes of Clay’s Independent Tour and looking forward to another Kyrie.


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25 thoughts on “A Toast To Clay Aiken

  1. I’ll join you in that toast. Here’s to Clay-with all that talent he has a bright future.

    Oh, and I loved Kyrie and hope he will record it someday.

  2. A walk down memory lane. What a great way to start the day. Looking forward to all the good things that will be happening for Clay and us in 2009.

  3. I love these videos! Chain of Fools….WHOA! Is it hot in here? I will toast to Clay….we have the best and we are more than ready for the rest!!!!

    Clay Aiken…still the one!!!!!

  4. It has been a while since I watched those videos. Love the energy that was there. This is what we have to look forward to.
    Thanks for the videos and the great site you have created here!!!

  5. Thanks again CANN…..

    Aren’t these the best??? My gosh…I’m still all excited from the news yesterday…and to re-live the past…just makes it all the sweeter…..

    Wasn’t that KYRIE opening the best???? Wow…the chills still come when I hear Clay sing that song……. Oh Boy!!!!!

    Have a great day everyone…and thanks again CANN….you are THE BEST……


  6. Musicfan – you have surpassed yourself! What a terrific blog!

    I LOVE Kyrie and hope one day I get to see Clay sing it 🙂

  7. I loved every single video!!! The man is mega talented and I’m glad he is free to spread his wings and soar!!!

  8. This board is SO incredibly delightful. Every day, wonderful Clay news, videos, articles, pictures. Who could ask for more?

  9. Love the musical editorials that go along with the text. For this fan Clay Aiken is Still The One. 🙂

  10. This is a great blog. I love the added story by using Clay’s videos. Fantastic memories and so much more to come in the future.

    Great Job!

  11. Watching those clips brings back the old feelings of excitement…can’t wait to see what’s yet to come!
    Another great blog!

  12. Charlotte “Chain of Fools” is something to behold. How did I miss that before?

    Fantastic job, great people at CANN.

  13. I’ve watched these videos quite a few times since yesterday…

    I forgot how much I loved “Fantasy” when he did that…I just keep playing it over and over…….. That was great!!!!!


  14. After watching these videos, I think that Clay, Quiana and Angela should definitely make a beautiful CD together. You can’t beat a team of with such fantastic talent…IMO

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