Clay Aiken Leaves His Record Label

Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken

Congratulations  to Clay Aiken.  It was confirmed by People magazine that Clay parted ways with RCA Records.

“We were unable to come to terms in a recent contract negotiation, and decided that it was best to move on,” according to Cindi Berger,  Clay Aiken’s rep.

Patience seems to be the word of the hour as we wait to hear the next step in Clay’s soaring career.

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38 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Leaves His Record Label


    Thanks Cindi, People and CANN for the REAL story!!! YOU GO BABY!!!!

  2. Well then, I’ll just sit back and wait to see what’s next for him! Thanks for the confirmation of what we’ve been thinking for a while!

  3. I’m so happy he’s left RCA and I’m excited to see what he has planned for the future. Whatever it is, I’ll be with him!

  4. FINALLY!!!!!

    I am beyond happy for Clay….. I think maybe now, we will get back to the music….. Clay’s music….. (not that OMWH was not the best album in a long time…well since ATDW…) but RCA gave him no support at all…. Sounds like they could not come to terms….Don’t sound like he was dumped, as the media is quoting….What they won’t do for sensationalism??? The Claynation is not weeping….WE ARE ALL REJOICING!!!!!!


  5. Overall, I think the fans are happy over this! Even if you don’t like the music, He’s got a great voice and they didn’t know what to do with him – besides market him to the current fans. After huge popularity post season 2 they came out with a CD of Cover songs. If only the current fans are being targeted, then why have a label? There were 3 other songs that were more AC than On My Way Here on that CD, yet that’s the one they released. He’s better off with someone else or independent.

  6. Yoohoo!!! Finally he’s free! I couldn’t be happier for him. With the right team giving him the respect he deserves, he can go anywhere he wants. The possibilities are endless.

  7. Clay is finally free of RCA. I have been waiting for this day and I couldn’t be happier.

    Bring It On Clay

  8. It’s not like RCA and Clive Davis did anything to promote his career. Nobody can deny the fact that he has one of the best voice in the music industry.

  9. E! News obviously doesn’t know where to look for Clay’s real fans cause their headline reads-“Claymates in Mourning.” It’s like party central at his Official Fan Club site.

  10. As of now, it appears that all of ClayNation is celebrating!!! The media says we are “mourning” ????!!!!! Let it be known….we are standing by you, Clay!! Congratulations and here’s to a bright new beginning!!!!

  11. Couldn’t be happier that he is no longer with RCA. They did nothing for him…never promoted can you sell music that no one hears? What Planet are E Network on? Claymates mourning? Just the opposite. We’re celebrating! Best thing that ever happened! YIPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE!

  12. I can be patient. I have all the faith in the world in Clay.
    No mourning going on at my house.

    PS I love the picture you used of Clay–have never seen that one.

  13. I am thrilled to no end!!! YAY for Clay!!

    Bring it on Clay!! We’re ready!

    This is probably the best business decision
    he’s made yet.

  14. Clay has managed to succeed in his career ‘Against All Odds’ with no help and many times hindrances thrown his way… A man who can walk away from RCA and stand proud will succeed no matter what. Way to go, Clay – taking control back is a wonderful thing!!!!

  15. Happy Days are here again!! I feel the same excitement I felt when Clay got his first record deal. We were filled with joy awaiting that first CD. I can’t wait to get my hands on his next one with his new label!!!

  16. I’m ecstatic. That is all. No mourning here.
    It’s about time that dinosaur got left behind.
    You go, Clay!

  17. Excellent news! Congratulations to Clay Aiken and his team. The man can sing like no other. His voice is instantly recognizable. He is a star and should be with a label that believes in his talent.

  18. The Clay Nation is rejoicing over this news. Clay deserves a record label that will respect and support him. RCA just didn’t have a clue and now Clay is free to find a label that will treat him like the mega talent he is.

  19. Finally!! Clay Aiken is free from the albatross around his neck.

    I can hardly wait to see what this talented man has in store for us next. Whatever it is, I’ll be supporting him because I feel he has one of the best voices to come along in a long, long time.

    Bring it on, Clay,we’re all right here waiting!!

  20. You go on with your bad self, Clay! You are the best, we all know that, and hopefully the world will eventually have an opportunity to know just how good you really are!

    You have many fans and we all love you “just the way you are!” (tm Mr. Rogers!!!)

  21. At last it’s official and we can celebrate the promise of what is to come! Good work Cindi Berger and great job all of you here at CANN.


  22.…….the picture!

    Yes I am celebrating for sure! Others say because he was on a few shows for his last album he was promoted, but did they ever actually play any of the songs on the radio? Got to be the best thing for go Clay and I will be here just waiting for whatever you bring!

  23. Good news for Clay Aiken!!!

    RCA did absolutely nothing to promote his last cd and little for the one before that. There were songs on his last cd that could have been radio friendly, but the single they picked was not one of them. I have never understood why they did so little to sell their “product”

    Looking forward to a brighter future for a great singer.

  24. Clay has finally left that albatross..RCA. I’ll drink to that. Did they ever play any of his songs…yes, in the middle of the night. What kind of support is that? I see nothing but good to come out of this. Also, where do these sites get their information? Clay has no fans left..his fans he has left are mourning. HaHaHaHa! Never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. We’re all celebrating!!

  25. OMG I’m so broken up! What’s going to happen? If he splits with RCA he won’t get radio play. No one is going to help push the songs, Who’s going to choose the BEST song to release as a single!! *Oh wait!* he already never had any of that! 😉

  26. F.I.N.A.L.L.Y!! *g*

    This is the news we’ve been waiting to hear!! Onwards and upwards Clay and I cant wait!!

  27. Well the reason why RCA never promoted Clay the way there should have in order to sell his music, Clay was to honest to clean cut. What RCA promotes best is WRONGINESS exct. Clay Aiken did not fit there mold THANK GOD FOR THAT and that is the reason why we love him. Clay is a smart man between him James Foster and Dave Foster and the rest of his team he will rise above all the nonsense of RCA there to stupit to realize what there lost .
    Rita….jaxv. fl.

  28. I could not be happier for Clay! Excellent news! Funny how long it took the media know- it-alls to figure out what Clay Fans have been talking about for MONTHS! I have no doubt Clay knows what he is doing. Congrats Clay!

  29. I am so happy for Clay!!!!! He is finally free of RCA!!!! I would really like Clay to announce his new label now but then I read a recap of one of Clay’s recent blogs. We will be going back into the studio in the near future!!!!!

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