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Clay Aiken

Celebrity Educational Activism: Spotlight on Clay Aiken is an excellent article that gives the reader a look at the “real” Clay Aiken.  Posted on February 19, 2009, the article got lost in the many blogs speculating the demise of Clay Aiken’s music career.

The author, Dr. Karen Steinberg, is a writer and psychologist with a long-standing interest in education. She wanted her readers to understand the importance of the generosity and activism of celebrities and how they can effect change, especially in the world of education.

Her article reviewed Clay’s history in both the field of education and philanthropy.

Dr Steinberg wrote; “Many celebrities, however, include education in their philanthropic activism.  A relatively recent newcomer to this arena is former American Idol singer Clay Aiken, who has been unusually active in furthering educational missions.  As he explains on his website, ‘My music career has allowed me to do the same thing I was doing before-work with kids.  It has just given me a bigger stage, so I can enact change on a grander scale.'”

Positive articles about Clay Aiken are important.  Please take a moment and click on the link to Dr. Steinberg’s  article.  I would imagine she would love to hear a positive comment about her article.

Link: Celebrity Educational Activism: Spotlight on Clay Aiken

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15 thoughts on “Spotlight on Clay Aiken

  1. It certainly is nice to see Clay's work acknowledged. He has worked very hard to make a difference and I don't think it gets noticed enough.

  2. Wow…it’s a busy day today…I’M LOVIN’ IT….

    I just went over to the link you gave and posted a comment….

    Wonderful stuff like this should not be missed…but it’s not sensational enough for the media… But we know Clay tries to make a difference in the world…and so far…he’s doing a great job…

    I love this man… Here’s the Real Clay Aiken


  3. This is the positive side of celebrity, the side that doesn’t make the tabloids. What, too boring? I say NOT!!!!

  4. It’s sad that more articles like this are not seen by the general public. I guess it’s not controversial enough to see all the good work Clay has done with children. He should be very proud of his work with TBAF and UNICEF in the short 6 years since he was on AI. Clay Aiken….using his voice…making a difference!

  5. This is the Clay Aiken that should be known to the general public. Thanks for all you do here at CANN to promote Clay in a true, positive way.

  6. Saw this article last night and commented right away. Thanks so much for bringing it here so that more will see it. Wish articles like this would make the front Yahoo page!! I love reading positive news about Clay.

    Have I also mentioned how much I love this site? Your hard work and devotion is much appreciated.

  7. This is a great article, thank you for bringing it here for us to read. This is the good works that Clay does behind the scenes that no one is aware of. I can only hope that this kind of news would be more widely publicized. I love reading the good stuff about Clay. Use Your Voice.

  8. Education is a very vital instrument towards building a brighter future, this I believe. I am glad that such celebrity like Clay Aiken takes this very seriously and is able to disseminate its importance to the public. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more celebrities and public officials focus more on the more important things in life?

  9. I cannot commend Clay Aiken enough for all his contributions to the education of children and all his other humantarian projects. He is a one of a kind person..with a heart of gold.

  10. Hes a honourable man with a heart of gold. His endless and tireless efforts should always be commended, but unfortunately are not always spotlighted, yet still he continues. It shows that these issues are close to heart…

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