Amazon Loves Clay Aiken

Reflections - Clay Aiken

Reflections - Clay Aiken

It’s been about 24 hours since Amazon posted about the new album from Clay Aiken.  The title Playlist: The Best of Clay Aiken is the only information that has been posted at this time.  Yet, the album is selling well.  Whatever your feelings are towards this album and RCA, it is amazing to see the popularity of Clay Aiken’s music.

Today’s Bestsellers

1. slumdog Slumdog Millionaire$13.98 $9.99
2. no_line No Line On The Horizon$13.98 $8.99
3. raising_sand Raising Sand$18.98 $9.99
4. astral Astral Weeks Live At the Hollywood Bowl$18.98 $9.99
5. vivalavida Viva La Vida$18.98 $13.49
6. fearless Fearless$18.98 $9.99
7. playlist

Playlist: The Very Best of Clay Aiken$11.98

8. quietnights Quiet Nights$13.98 $9.99


working Working on a Dream (Deluxe Version)$22.98 $13.99
10. darkwasthenight Dark Was the Night$16.98 $11.99

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8 thoughts on “Amazon Loves Clay Aiken

  1. Clay Aiken is a news magnet and his fans are very loyal, but it’s the media that picks up his name everytime!!

  2. No matter how people feel about Clay, this CD will feature one of the best voices in the industry. Other singers may rely on appearance and technology to improve their voices, but Clay’s voice is natural. Anyone who has heard him sing live in concert knows how good he really is! I’m sure this will be a great CD.

  3. I think it’s great that Clay’s sales do so well on Amazon. I think it is important that his sales are good, even for a best of CD. I’ve preordered one copy and will definitely be getting more. I am so happy to have this way to support Clay.

  4. Clay is the best, no doubt about that. If only the multitude of folks out there who were intrigued with him on AI2 would discover him again, how wonderful that would be.

  5. Loved watching this climb up on Amazon. Love the cover art, too. Here’s hoping that lots of people will rediscover Clay. Once they do, they will be hooked! That voice is just the best.

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