CANN Site News: 2/9/09

Blog Watch
In an effort to more efficiently highlight the many blogs written by Clay Aiken fans, I have created a new section called Blog Watch. You can see the option now in the menu bar. This is a dynamic feed showing snippets of the most recent blogs written by the fans. The entries are automatically updated on a regular basis so you will want to check the Blog Watch page regularly!

Suereu has created a new slideshow with more pictures from when Clay was on American Idol. Be sure to check them out! 

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5 thoughts on “CANN Site News: 2/9/09

  1. Thanks Deona – the blogwatch is very useful when time is of the essence and it means you can come on here and click on relevant things.

    Well done Sue, as usual, for the slideshow. No-one could ever get fed up of those clips!

  2. Deona,

    Thank you, Musicfan, and SueReu for all CANN’s innovative features, as well as the prompt, interesting news stories.

    I am very happy the word is getting out about Clay Aiken, as well as CANN!


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