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It’s Tuesday, February 10th and the Clay Nation is wishing they had news about Clay Aiken.  Well, he’s on a well-deserved break so we better make the best of the situation.  How about another poll??

These pictures are almost 5 ½ years old, but its still fun to see some pictures from the first photo shoots.  Which is your favorite??  Let us know your favorite and why. (Click on pictures to enlarge.)

Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4


Picture 5


Picture 6

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34 thoughts on “Which Look??

  1. They are all great pictures, but #5 to me is more natural. I like the little smile…

    Thanks for doing this..this is fun.


    • I think he looks great in all of the pictures,but I voted for #5 as well.These pictures were taken when he was very young and new in his career.He looked a little scared in some of those pictures,but not with #5.With that picture he exudes the confident, snarky Clay that we all love.

  2. awww… I tried to vote for #5 also, but it said I have already voted in this poll. Wonder how THAT happened? Add #5 for me in this poll. Do the results pop up as people vote or do we have to wait till it’s over? I didn’t see any results… You guys are GREAT! LOVE love love, CANN!

  3. I have always loved #1! There is something very vulnerable and sexy about Clay sitting on that bathroom floor!!!

  4. I love the leather look with that relaxed stance. (Besides the fact that he’s got something in his right front pocket again -What’s Clay without stuffed pockets??) 🙂

  5. Let’s see if my new avitar works! Still didn’t get to vote but saw the results.. yahoo for #5!

  6. I voted for #5 as it is perfect, but will always love #1, the bathroom pic, he looks so young. Hey they’re all good!

  7. I voted for #5 too. I don’t know why exactly, maybe cuz it looks like he’s just hanging out waiting to have a conversation with me. He looks sooooo young.

  8. I like #3,5, and 6, but my favorite ‘posed’ pics aren’t up. Any of the ‘Dark Hallway’ pics, will just do me in, real good.
    Thanks for doing the poll, it was fun.

  9. I voted for #6 because he’s just so darned sexy in that picture…and the eyes…they’ll get you every time.

  10. I voted for #5 but I also love #1..Oh heck they are all great and yeah he does look so young! Boy do I miss him! Love this site, thank you, you are keeping me occupied during his down time.

  11. I always loved the black leather jacket look, but I can’t vote, and I haven’t voted before. It won’t let me see results either. Oh, well. I like all the pictures, but as many have commented in the past, it’s the fan pictures that capture the real Clay.

  12. I was torn between #1 and #5. He looks absolutely gorgeous in the first picture, but I ultimately chose #5 because I have a weakness for his hands. He has the most beautiful, elegant, and yes…sexy hands I’ve ever seen! Plus, he just looks so natural and relaxed in the picture and the little half grin just kills me…*sigh*

  13. I love his smile in number 5-looks more natural to me than the other photos where he looks posed.

  14. All of them are nice, but the look on his face in picture #5 is so smirky! I wonder what he was thinking when that one was taken.

  15. I really prefer Clay with longer hair, but since we’re choosing one from way back, I chose #5. That’s always been one of my favorite pictures. I even had it printed on a shirt. I love that face.

  16. I love all of the pictures, but #5 is my favorite and that is the one I voted for.

    Thanks for doing this poll, and thanks for this site. It’s great.

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