He’s On A Break

Taking A Break

Taking A Break

February 27th…..the month is almost over and Clay Aiken has been on a break for 8 weeks.  Oh, wait a minute……A break??  Well, maybe Clay was on a break, but it certainly was not a down-time for Clay Aiken fans.

There was so much going on in February that a check-list of activities seemed like a good idea.  With this list, all fans can make sure that everything has been covered and that they are caught up with the busy life of being a Clay Aiken fan.

2/2-Announcement of TBAF grant to Dancing Wheels
2/4-America’s Top Model Appearance Announced
2/6-1st place on HitPredictor for Nov-Dec-Jan
2/12-Clay blogs and tells about his TMJ procedure  OUCH!
2/13-An interview with Jaymes regarding Parker’s surgery
2/15-Sir Robin Bear nets $16,000 for BroadwayCares
2/18-BAF grant announced for Special Kids Crusade
2/19-Article on Clay regarding activism of celebrities
2/20-People Magazine announces Clay leaves RCA
2/22-RCA announces “Best of Clay Aiken” Album out 3/31
2/25-Clay blogs again…he needs ideas for Foundation name
2/26-New PSA by Clay for Music In Our Schools
2/26-Membership renewals at the Official Fan Club

Daily Clay Activities
Play Clay’s songs from his MySpace page
Watch Clay’s video at AOL
Read and comment on the positive blogs
Enjoy your Clay friends on-line and check for any news

Are you tired yet??  Of course, this is all that we know about.  There is probably much more that could be added to this list. There are many things happening behind the scenes that keep Clay busy.

Clay Aiken fans are the best.  They enjoy the music and voice of Clay Aiken and are thrilled when they hear about positive things that influence his career and happiness.  Are you ready for March??

Clay Aiken News Network is an unofficial fansite. We are not affiliated in any way with Clay Aiken or his management. This website was made by fans for fans and makes no impression or impersonation of the official site, which can be found under the domain clayaiken.com.

11 thoughts on “He’s On A Break

  1. I am ready for March and more news of what Clay has planned for the rest of the year!!!!! I’m praying for a tour!!!!!!

  2. Who ever is behind all the work that goes in to this web page is doing an absolute fantastic job …thank you so much you make my day when I can read daily something POSITIVE regarding Clay A. and yes I’m aso waiting for him to come out of HIDING…and SING again.. LOL..LOL..LOL…..Rita / jaxv. fl.

  3. How great to see all the Clay related items for this month listed.
    He’s a lot busier than he lets on in his blogs 🙂


  4. I am so ready for March. Each passing day brings us one day closer to finding out major news about Clay. Come on, Clay, drop us another hint.

  5. Whew ! We have been busy . Thanks so much for the list . I wonder what exciting things next month will hold ?

  6. Whew! Just reading your list tired me out. Lol! But, I really appreciate a site that keeps us up to date on everything Clay Aiken..and in case we forget to do some of the daily things like playing his songs on MySpace and AOL..this is a good reminder. Love this site..very informative.

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