The Perfect Playlist from Clay Aiken

On Friday afternoon, Clay Aiken’s Official Fan Club announced the release of his new album.  Named Playlist: The Best Of Clay Aiken, the album will hit the shelves on March 31st, 2009.

The album is advertised as Clay’s perfect playlist and is being released through Legacy Recordings.

Since the announcement of this CD came on the heels of Clay’s departure from RCA, many fans have been speculating as to Clay’s participation in this CD.  According to the Fan Club, the playlist was handpicked by Clay from his four albums.

Included in the song-list is Clay’s #1 single “This Is The Night” and the ever popular “Solitaire.”

Legacy Recordings are pleased with the re-mastered songs on the album and proud that the packaging is environmentally-friendly.

Since this CD is being released with in-put from Clay, music lovers and Clay fans should be supporting this album so it can climb to the top of the charts.

Go to about the Playlist series. Also available on

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8 thoughts on “The Perfect Playlist from Clay Aiken

  1. I can’t WAIT to hear this!!! My hope is that they tone down the instruments and bring up Clay’s amazing voice – especially on BOTW.

  2. I was so happy to wake up with this good news today. I had already ordered a copy..but when I found out that Clay hand-picked these songs..I ordered another one for my daughter..who is also a Clay Aiken Fan. Is it March 31 yet?

  3. I’m excited about this album!CA handpicked each song, that makes this album more special.

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