Lynda and Jaymes Chat With Jami Caskey

Station WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina is in the midst of a fund raising event for Duke University Medical Center.  Part of the program is to present real-life stories about the hospital.

Today, an interview with Jaymes Foster was broadcast. Lynda Loveland is one of the stations top personalities and a personal friend of Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster.  She introduced Jaymes Foster to the radio audience and then played an interview with Jaymes with Jami Caskey who ably guided Jaymes through the interview that took place last Sunday.

Lynda started the program by explaining that Parker Foster Aiken was born in the Raleigh area on August 8th 2008.  Because Clay has worked with children for many years, Lynda felt that Clay was meant to be a father.

Jaymes told about how at 4 weeks, Parker became very ill.  He could not hold down any nourishment and both parents became very concerned.  They took Parker to Durham Regional Hospital where they kept him for about 8 hours.  At the hospitals suggestion, the family took Parker to Duke Children’s Hospital.

Jaymes, Clay, and Parker

Jaymes, Clay, and Parker

The staff of Duke immediately began testing Parker and they quickly had a diagnosis.  Parker had Pyloric Stenosis, a condition where the muscle at the bottom of the stomach overgrows and obstructs the stomach.  Although the diagnosis is somewhat common, it was urgent that Parker have surgery immediately.

Jaymes reported that is was terrifying and stressful, especially knowing that Parker had to go under anesthesia. But the staff at the hospital did everything they could to reassure both parents and keep them informed as to what was happening.

The results of the surgery were immediate.  Parker stopped throwing up and regained his strength quickly.  The baby was in the hospital for 4 nights.

Jaymes wanted everyone to know how wonderful the doctors and nurses were.  They were able to keep the parents calm, comfortable and well-informed.  Jaymes felt that these strangers treated her child as they would there own.

Parker is doing very well now.  He just celebrated his 6 month birthday.  Jaymes remarked that she and Clay think he is just beautiful.  She knows that all parents think their child is beautiful, however, Parker is beautiful!

According to Lynda Loveland, Parker is just the cutest, happiest little kid and a real sweetheart.

Good Luck to Duke University Medical Center in raising much money to help save lives.  And a big thank-you to Jaymes Foster for sharing her story of Parker’s successful recovery.

Audio (click on link to listen): Jaymes interview on WRAL FM

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9 thoughts on “Lynda and Jaymes Chat With Jami Caskey

  1. I hope Duke raises the money it needs to continue to help children and families it needs to. How scary it is as a parent to have a child who’s ill.

  2. Fascinating to hear from the mom. I think it helps other parents to know that even though it was a scary time for Jaymes and Clay, they were comforted by the Duke staff and kept informed every step of the way.

  3. Thanks for putting this up Musicfan. It sounds even more traumatic when you hear the emotion in Jaymes voice. I’m so glad it turned out ok and knowing how precious Childrens hospitals are (my own daughter was taken in at 10 days old) Ihope they raise an enormous amount of cash.

  4. Thanks for putting that interview here. Jaymes is very articulate–what a scary time for Clay and her. And how like them to turn that situation into an opportunity to help raise money for Duke Hospital.

  5. Just an FYI regarding the following part of the interview:

    Today, an interview with Jaymes Foster was broadcast. Lynda Loveland is one of the stations top reporters and a personal friend of Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster. She ably guided Jaymes through the interview that took place last Sunday.

    That wasn’t Lynda Loveland that interviewed Jaymes. It was a prerecorded interview by Jamie Caskey (I’m not sure of the spelling for either name). I missed the very beginning of the interview and haven’t heard the Clack but Jamie does the Sunday “Cornerstone” contemporary Christian music show on WRAL-FM. Also I don’t think Lynda is considered a reporter now. She was a top news anchor for WRAL TV5 station but now she is a radio personality for the station WRAL-FM. I think that’s how the radio station’s website described Sherri Logan who Lynda replaced.

    Not meaning to put a damper on the article cuz the work is good but I thought whoever wrote it might want it to be more accurate.

  6. I’m glad Parker has fully recovered! For a parent, to see your child suffering without you knowing what was causing it, is frustrating and stressful. Especially if your child is unable to utter a single word to say what is hurting him. It is hard! I’ve been in that situation when my child was barely a month old. Bless doctors, nurses and all caregivers!!! Peace!

  7. It’s heartwrenching to hear Jaymes tell the story of Parker’s illness. How frightening for both she and Clay to have their baby so ill that he required surgery. It’s obvious how grateful they both are to the staff at Duke. Now their beautiful 6 month old Parker is healthy and thriving! What more could a parent ask for!

  8. I really enjoyed the interview…How scary. Jaymes and Clay must have been terrified.. never know what people are going through, behind the scenes…

    I love this little family.. They are so sweet, caring and loving. couldn’t have picked better parents…

    Thanks CANN for the best place to come to…I love it here…


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