Clay Aiken and Friends

It’s only 22 days until Clay Aiken’s newest album drops.  Named Playlist: The Very Best of Clay Aiken, the 14 songs on the album come from Clay’s four previous CD’s and is scheduled to have re-mastered recordings.

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Clay fans watched the auction of the BroadwayCares bears in February.  Most fans know that the Sir Robin Bear was in the top place again this year and sold for $16,000.  But, did you know that The Broadway Bears XII raised a total of $152,116 which is over $20,000 more than last year’s auction.  To date, the 12 seasons of bear auctions has raised $1,650,000.


On the music front, Taylor Swift topped the charts again last week with her album, “Fearless.”  11 weeks at the top of the charts is amazing for this young country star.

U2 is on track to reach the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart this week.  “No Line On the Horizon” could do more than 400,000 in its first week.  U2’s last studio album, “How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb,” sold 840,000 in its first week in 2004 and totaled more than 3.2 million copies in the U.S.


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The news on Friday regarding celebrities and their lifestyle choices was pretty shocking.  First, we read the details of the alleged attack on Rihanna by Chris Brown.  From all accounts it was a brutal attack and showed a young man who was completely out of control.  But, then we read that Chris was on his MySpace page a few days later, pleading with his fans to vote for him for two Kid’s Choice Awards.

Next came the report that Grammy-winning rapper, Coolio, was arrested at LAX on suspicion of possessing drugs, including crack cocaine.  Finally, Reuters reported that football star-turned actor, Brian Bosworth was arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of driving his Harley Davidson motorcycle drunk along Hollywood Blvd.

Lost in these headlines was the news that Clay Aiken’s Foundation was awarded a $40,000 grant to work with Johns Hopkins University so that all children can be included in the summer camp experience.

This certainly makes you think. Have you ever heard any teasing from talk show hosts, DJ’s and bloggers regarding the three arrested celebrities??  Have you ever heard any teasing about the humanitarian??  We really live in an odd world, don’t we?  However, I would imagine that each person who has read this article knows who the better man is.  Could you be more proud of Clay?


What is it about North Carolina?  Does everyone sing there?  Maybe there is something special in the water………North Carolina is the home state to 6 American Idol contestants.  Although each one brought something special to their season of American Idol, Clay is the name that comes up first when you think of a musical star from North Carolina.


Before we move on today, a big thank you is sent to all our readers.  Your support is appreciated.  We are having fun and hope that you are having fun too.

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66 thoughts on “Clay Aiken and Friends

  1. The entertainment summary was interesting. I’d like more news about Clay, but that is obviously not forthcoming right now.

  2. Unfortunately, CB will probably beat Rihanna sooner rather than later. He did try to choke her by pushing against her arteries in her neck til she passed out.

    • 😀 you must have been typing when I was!! I’d even give the dogs a bath (actually, I’d ship my entire family, dogs included, away for the weekend LOL!!!)

  3. (I’m still scrolling up and looking at that Bear)

    *waves to Kielbasa again*

    I wish we would be surprised by Clay!! Maybe a spur of the moment appearance on Kimmel?? Now THAT’D BE COOL!!!

  4. You’re right, the entertainment news sites rarely mention the good that celebrities like Clay continually do. However, do something so terrible like put your foot on someones arm rest and they can’t stop talking about it. Give me the good anyday.

  5. MM the news sites cater to the tabloid mentality. It gets very old. At the supermarket today I think every rag mag had the scoop on CB & R.

  6. Thanks so much for posting all this news. Very interesting. It really is sad that more emphasis isn’t placed on all the good that some celebs do.

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